If this is accurate, it’s just ridiculous. Got it in via the anonymous form.

Here’s what I understand has been going on.

The 07624 UK number range is operated by Manx Telecom — the Isle of Man telecoms company.

For some reason, T-Mobile customers and Three customers are being charged international rates to send text messages to that block of numbers. How do I know this? Well, the anonymous commentary — there is a heck of a lot — indicates subscribers to those networks have been complaining and asking for clarification.

The number range is in use all over the place — as a quick Google search shows. Even the BBC News 24′soperates 07624 800 100 (bottom of the page on tha tlink).

Surely it’s a bit naughty for these operators to classify a number range that you, I and anyone else would recognise as thoroughly ‘British’ as an international rate text?

Can anyone shed any light on this? Are the end-users with the proof of this on their bills just a tiny exception? A temporary billing error?

Its adds to real confusion in the marketplace.

already the 070xx higher diversion rate numbers and now 07624 that also look like normal uk mobile numbers getting charged is bad for the uk industry. where were these people on who set up the numbering plans and mixed in the sneaky numbers that through loop holes get away with this.

Many innocent users now are getting charged for call they think they are getting free as part of thier monthly allowance of cross network calls.

With number portablity and open voip market it does not make sence these companies can get away with these charges.

on top of that t mobile charge and orange dont and t=now they both one network in uk.

whats will be next will t mobile stop charging to 07624 or will it join orange and 02 and allow it ?

lets see what happens

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