I seen  a nice little offer open to UK residents which allows you to purchase a ZTE 627 3G Data modem for only £5 when you use a coupon code. The coupon code is free when you register on the site and is worth £30. The Modem will come locked to the UK Three network but you can easily unlock this from home.


Once you Recieve your ZTE 627 3G from the Three network you can unlock it so can use any network provider simcard for only £5

 The software has unlimited unlocking of the  ZTE 627 3G Modems and you can unlock as many as you like.

Use this link below to buy and recieve an instant download after payment and very easy to use with detialed intructions.


If you have a 3G Dongle Made by then please use this unlock service here where you can unlock any model of the Huawei 3G dongles. This service can very easy to use and just need to supply the IMEI and make payment to recieve the unlock code within 24  Hours and intructions on how to enter the code to unlock the 3g dongle from huawei.