iPhone Pwnage Tool For OS 3.0 Released Only For MAC

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iphone 2G   3.0 OS  Jailbreak Possible

iphone 3G 3.0 OS    Jailbreak Possible

iPhone 3GS   Jailbreak not Yet Possible

Not Long after the Release of the iphone 3G 3.0 OS and the Tool To Jailbreak is Released.

For all users who have an Apple Mac and are using the 3.0 OS on thier iphone 2G or 3G then you can take advantage of Jailbreaking before the PC users as the PC release of the Tool is Days Away Yet.

As soon as the Tool is availble for PC users we will post a blog update.

Added to Beta Testing Today for existing members Jailbreak tool for iphone 3G and 2G 3.0 OS for MAC in Rebel Simcard Beta Testers Section.

Existing users can login here who already have a Rebel Simcard Beta Testing Membership can download the New Jailbreak Tool FREE Now For Mac as files have just been added.

iphone 2G     Jailbreak +Unlock
iphone 3G     Jailbreak Possible
ipod 1G          Jailbreal Possible


Today the Rebel Simcard Team got thier hands on the new iPhone 3G S model. The software and baseband is the same as the 3.0 OS launched for the iPhone 3G model.

The firmware isn’t out yet for the 3GS or 3.0 OS for iPhone 3G for the Rebel Simcard.

From our testing so far, we have found out that Apple have changed the simgate in the new iPhone 3G S, So it will no longer physically accept any No Cut Unlock simcard. So do not try to force it in as will get stuck.

Rebel are designing a new No Cut version of the Rebel of the Simcard, This will be released as soon as possible.

Still the good news is the current universal Rebel cut sim can still be used to insert it along with a network simcard.

The Rebel Simcard R&D Team are working on the unlocking solution for the iPhone 3G S model and iPhone 3.0 Firmware.