The Rebel Simcard No Cut Design for the iphone 3G will not fit in to the slot of the iphone 3GS Model due to the design of the new simgate.

The Rebel Sim II will able to use firmware updates for for iphone 3GS model when its released and is able to fit in the Simgate of the iphone 3GS Model and virtually any other mobile phone.

Before Releasing the Firmware Solution for the Rebel Sim II for the iphone 3GS we are awaiting  or 3.1 Firmware to be released from Apple and round the corner.

The Reason is simple as the 3.0 OS will have many bugs as its the first release of a major upgrade.  If we release now then  Apple have the chance to see where we have found the exploit and may close this option in the new 3.1  firmware upgrade coming soon from them.

The Rebel Sim Team want to Provide a Long Lasting Solution for you and not a Temporary one and are holding back the Release date for the iphone 3GS and iphone 3.0 Rebel sim firmware upgrades till we have tested the 3.1  iphone 3G and 3GS firmware with our Rebel sim card Hardware based unlocking solution.

All older cards will not be able to upgrade to the new Rebel Sim II Firmwares as the Rebel Sim II firmwares will only be compatiable with the Rebel sim II Hardware which will be released in the Universal Cut sim Format with a No Cut Design in Development for the iPhone 3Gs model.

Rebel Simcard Was Launched Last year Back in July 10th 2008 by Solutions Point Limited when they Released the Universal Cut Unlock Rebel Sim that could unlock virtually any phone using one of the 12 modes within the STK Menu.   One Year on and a  total of 100 thousand users worldwide and the Rebel Simcard userbase spanning over 140 Countires and all 5 Continents of the World.

Since the last year 1000s of mobile phones have be released and we have added more compatiablity for more recent models. The Rebel Sim II Platform has been Given more Power with the addition of  new phones now supported  from LG and Blackberry, HTC, Japan Sharp Softbanks to name few. Now the STK Menu the rebel sim modes can be switched much easier and faster. More videos we will added soon to the new Rebel Sim II Section thats Releasing 6th of July 2009. Full Feature List and Demo Videos with be coming very soon to the Rebel Sim II sections

The Rebel Simcard II works on a new platform and design and the firmware code named UltraRebel will come Pre Loaded for all customers on the rebel sim II. This UltraRebel Firmware will have  the 12 Rebel Unlock Modes and these modes are now much more powerfull and its now much faster to unlock  virtually any phone uisng 1 of the 12 Pre Programmed Modes. Initial Support for iphone 3G v2.2.1 will come pre loaded as standard in mode 9 if the Rebel STK Menu. This new UltraRebel firmware will be firmware upgrable to support iPhone 3GS in the Near Future.

More Detailed info for all users about upgrades coming soon.

Rebel Sim No Cut Sim

Rebel Simcard Nocut

Delays in  firmware upgrade  iphone 3G 3.0/3.1

FREE UPGRADE for ALL USERS for iphone 3G when Released

Rebel Sim Cut sim Universal

Rebel Simcard Cut Version

Delays in  firmware upgrade  for iphone 3G 3.0/3.1

FREE UPGRADE for ALL USERS for iphone 3G when Released

Rebel Sim Cut II sim Universal

Rebel Sim II Shipping Next Week and coming to the shopping cart Soon

FREE UPGRADE for ALL USERS for iphone 3GS/3G/ 3.0/3.1 when Published.


All Members of the Downloads Section for Beta Testing for rebel sim firmware and iphone 3G 3.0 Software Unlock will be be emailed thier coupon codes very soon and can be used to order the Rebel Simcard II with the new improved 12 Mode STK with the Most Powerfull Unlocking Simcard Firmware that will have Future compatiablity with the newer firmwares coming soon for iphone 3G 3.xx and iPhone 3GS 3.xx