rebel-lite-iphone-4-dual-sim-adapter-backNo More swapping Sim Cards over using the supplied iPhone opener tool with the iPhone 4 impossible sim gates style from apple every time.

When ever i get my hands on my apple phones i always loose the tool used to open the Sim gate tray mechanism.

Then I’m forced to look through my paper clips collection to find one of the right size and top worry about damaging it altogether.

I find that the paper-clips that come in different colours like this are the best ones as once you take of the out coating of the plastic the size is about right to get the iPhone Sim out to be able to simply swap over to your other network sim card.

Well no more of the complicated fiddling around and keeping your other network Sim Cards in your wallets or purses & pockets in jeans,trousers or jackets. and no more worrying if your spouse ended up washing your other network sim card in the washing machine as you forgot to take it out.

With Rebel Dual Sim STK Menu which cane be found in the iphone 4 Your able to Switch usingthe Press of a few click to the other Simcard.   SIM1   or   SIM2.

Switching networks via the Rebel  Dual Sim adapters take 30 to 60 seconds

Rebel Simcard Team Agian Bring you a World First with the Rebel Dual Sim Adapter Range for iPhone 4 Video Demo

See the Rebel Lite Adapter in action and learn how easy it can be to switch  .

If your a traveller then you can be prepared soon as you arrive at your destination country and switch to your local network sim to have better rates and be able to keep in touch.

While your in your other country you can keep up to date with incoming SMS by simply switching to your home network sim as often incoming SMS are free while roaming on nearly all networks.

Why let your hard earned money get wasted on roaming Costs when Travelling with Crazy Rates of £3/Minute to Recieve or make a Calls for many popular holiday destinations.

Maybe you have 1 network sim with very good voice calls bundle but does not have a good data package.   Now you can take advantage of other deals in the market and simply switch to the other network sim to make saving whenever you want and where ever you are within minutes.

Apple makes thier simcard gates and connectors complicated and fiddly so you dont bother to swap simcards & the more you pay your mobile network the more network will pay to Apple as apple want to make money Not only from the Hardware but also via Itunes store & app developers & from the money you spend with your network for calls & data.

Give your self new choice and option to make Saving on your mobile phone Bills with the Rebel Dual Sim Adapter Range.

Stop looking for the correct type of thickness paperlcips & Stop worring about having to open and close the sim gate time and time again as the Rebel Lite sims are a Great solution for you and can Truly simplify the switching process for you.

The New Rebel Pro & Lite Dual Sim adapters are here to save the day.

  • The Pro and Lite Dual Sim Adapters provides a new more powerful and convenient way of switching between network Sim Cards like not available before.
  • Its much more practical when your network sims are in the right place and inside the Rebel Dual sim adapters.
  • You can simply switch between network Simcards in a few clicks by going to the Rebel STK Menu in the iPhone 4 under Settings /Phone / Sim Applications.
  • This is a great way to save money and complications when you travel to another country and wish to use a local providers network sim with an unlocked iPhone 4.
  • Save money in your home country by using network Simcards from MVNO’s that share the same network code as your locked iPhone 4.

Rebel Dual Sim Adapter Work in 2G/3G Edge & 3G Networks for Voice and Data.

Rebel iphone 4 Lite Dual Sim adapter

Use Virtually any Case that case be used to keep the Rebel Lite adapter in place

The Rebel Lite Dual sim for iphone 4 can work with 100’s of cases already in the market place & is also compatiable with the Rebel Hard Case

Requirements Specification of Rebel Lite iphone 4 Dual sim adapter



1 Network simcard Pre Cut to Micro Simcard format.  ( Not included )

1 Network simcard Not Cut to Micro Simcard format or a Pre Cut micro sim with a Rebel Micro sim adapter. ( Not included )

1 Virtually any Case that case be used to keep the Rebel Lite adapter in place as shown in the Pictures above ( Case not  included As you can easily use your existing case with design of the Rebel Lite Dual sim )

The Dual Cards do NOT support DUAL STANDBY Mode but you can switch between them and be connected to one network simcard at any one time only.

Rebel iphone 4 Pro Dual Sim Adapter

    Specification of Rebel Pro iphone 4 Dual sim adapter


2 Network simcards Not Cut or a Cut micro sim with a Rebel Micro sim adapters. ( Not included )

1 Clear Case Included

The Dual Cards do NOT support DUAL STANDBY Mode but you can switch between them and be connected to one network simcard at any one time only.

Lets say you have a unlocked iPhone 4 and posses more than one network simcard and wish to swap the network simcards around from diffrent providers be it any reason you like.

Currently by phyically switching network simcards manually can get complicated and become time cumsuming and can cause damage to the iphone 4 sim gate and internal click in mechanism.

You may want to be able to swap simcard many times a day as and when you need to use your other network simcard.

On the other hand if your iPhone 4 is locked to one network then you can only use 2 network Simcards in the locked iPhone 4 that come from the same network provider or a MVNO that shares your locked iphone 4 providers as explained below.

What are the Rebel iPhone 4 Dual sim adapters used for ?

To save you time and money and hassle of manually changing network Simcards around by physically changing them.

Let me give you this scenario about using MVNO’s in the UK you could easily use Tesco or GiffJaff in your locked iphone 4 thats locked on only 02 with the Rebel Dual Sim Adapters

If your phone is locked to say one network only and for example its UK O2. you can still use and save money as other virtual mobile network operators often have much cheaper offering that share the same network code.

This allows the network Simcards from MVNO’s sims to work and will also work on your locked iPhone 4′s.

At the moment Giff Gaff is like Tesco mobile who are a MVNO’s that run on the 02 network and is offering a very good deal along with Tesco mobile and their tripling credit offer.

They like other MVNO’s buy bulk airtime deals and resell on under their own brand. These network simcards all share in common the the same network code 23410 which tells the phone to login to to the UK O2 Network.

This network code is called the MCC Mobile county code which in this case is 234 for all uk network simcards & the MNC Mobile Network code which in this case is 10 for all the network Simcards that run on the uk O2 network.

You too can can check from the list here for other MVNO in your home country as we gave you an example for the UK and then be able have access to great deals by simply switching over to the other network simcard in a few click thats already inside your rebel dual sim card adapter.

Unlocked iphone 4 users and freedom of choice to use any network simcard.

Pre order Your iPhone 4 dual simcard now from the Rebel simcard website or the Rebel Micro sim cutter Website below.

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