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iPhone 4 Unlock Rebel Pro Micro SimCard

iPhone 4 Unlock Rebel Pro Micro SimCard

iPhone 4 Unlock Rebel Xpress Micro SimCard

iPhone 4 Unlock Rebel Xpress Micro SimCard

For all those of you who utilise a Rebel Micro Unlock sim & dont want to wait and would like to try out the new iOS 5 its an excellent chance now for you.

Some days ago the new iOS 5.0 Beta 6 was released by Apple. Its taken 3 Days for the hacker community to create a software tool called SnowBreeze that can create a custom iPSU with a preserved baseband.

You can Download the Snow Breeze v2.8b6 files here and downloads the iOS Beta 6 firmware file from here.

Tutorial how to convert-apple-ios-.dmg-file-to-.ipsw-en.html

The Snowbreeze application can also jailbreak the iOS 5.0 Beta 6 but is not yet Un Tethered.

You can do only one of the 2 via this solution.

1     Jailbreak your iPhone 4 but you would need to update the Baseband but cant yet use Rebel Micro Unlock Simcards till we Release a new firmware soon when Apple releases the official version around Mid September and you can update your older cards using the Rebel Programmers.

2    Using the Snowbreeze  software you can create in minutes a modified iOS 5.0 Beta 6 IPSU file where the Baseband is Preserved with the 04.10.01 version. Using this file you can update your iPhone 4 in Itunes via the Restore Function an then still use the Latest iOS 5.0 beta 6 software and still be able to unlock your iPhone 4 using the Rebel Micro Unlock Simcards.

Some Differences in the instructions 

The unlock instructions are still the same but one thing to note is this. Once you power on the iPhone 4 with your desired network simcard and the Rebel Micro unlock simcard you will see a pop up Menu as normal and select the Accept option on the Rebel Xpress & the Init112 option on the Rebel Pro micro sim.

Up to this point when you press the Accept or Init112 option you would normally see the state of the iPhone to show only 1 Bar. This option to show the 1 Bar is no longer working the same way when unlocking iPhone 4 iOs Beta 6 with the preserved Baseband 04.10.01 version.

How to go about unlocking your iphone 4 with the changes for iOs 5 Beta 6

When you now press Accept or Init112 you will see the top left hand corner status change from searching to No service Only.

Proceed as normal with the Rebel Micro sim  instructions and all else will work the same way its working for you now with Lower version of the iOS firmwares.

Unlock Supported for Firmwares for iPhone 4

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