World First 3 times in Unlocking Dell Streak Tablet Pc

First with Rebel simcard II Unlock to unlock Dell Streak Android v1.6 / v 2.1

First with In House Unlock via Postal Unlock or Drop in to Unlock Dell Streak v1.6 / v2.1 /v2.2 Android OS

First in the World to Supply a Remote Unlock solution to unlock Dell Streak v1.6 / v2.1 /v2.2

Now its Possible to Unlock All Firmwares of Dell Streak using special Software Developed by the Rebel Simcard Team from Solutions Point Limited.

Back in June 2010 We unlocked the first Dell Streak Using Rebel Simcard and Then inSeptember 2010 Using our Own In House Code Reading Software.

Now We have Created New solution For Dell Streak allowing your to use our Unlock code Reader Server via Client Software from the comfort of your home.

As you know the Rebel simcard II V1.2 Allows full use of the Dell Streak in 2G/3G mode with full network Renewal functions for Android OS V1.6 & V2.1.

Now this New Remote Dell Streak Unlock code Reader Compliments our Existing Range of Dell Streak & Dell Aero Mini 3 Unlock solutions.

History Of the Dell Unlock Solutions and options to Recap

Unlocking a Dell Streak Demo Video for v1.6 Android OS with v1.1 Firmware back in June 2010 World First and  no other solutions existed or exists until now.

The Rebel Unlock solution at this time was Working well but some users had some issues with 3g networks in some countries and the Rebel simcard firmware was updated to the v1.2 Firmware.

The Rebel Unlock solution Was enhanced to support Full 3G and Network Renewal Functions with the Release of a FREE updated firmwares v1.2  making the solution a perfect one so users get the experience of using the phone like a factory unlcoked model and once the rebel sim was inserted in the phone they would forget it was their.

How to unlock the Dell Streak with v1.2 Rebel simcard firmware Review by Jrin

Dell Streak Unlock With full 3G & Auto APN Population with V1.2 Rebel Firmware on Android v2.1

Fully Cracked Dell streak Tablet Phone Unlock Via Code Read by Rebel Team & Launch Postal unlock  Service World Exclusive Agian

Solutions Point Limited now demonstrated that we have the ability as company to supply cutting edge technological solutions once again with the Video showing reading of Dell streak Unlock codes via USB Cable software developed in House by the Rebel simcard Team.

Again a World First in Unlocking the Dell Streak via our code reader software which has given users another option and to be able to use 2.2 OS unlocked by using postal or drop in services.

Dell Streak Online Instant Remote Unlock Service


Now We have Created New solution For Dell Streak allowing your to use our Unlock code Reader Server via Client Software from the comfort of your home.

As you know the Rebel simcard II V1.2 Allows full use of the Dell Streak in 2G/3G mode with full network Renewal functions for Android OS V1.6 & V2.1.

Now this New Remote Dell Streak Unlock code Reader Compliments our Existing Range of Dell Streak & Dell Aero Mini 3 Unlock solutions.



How to use the Rebel Streak software unlock

Q How Can i Unlock My Streak Smart Phone to use with a networt

A Yes you can unlock the Dell Streak from home via Paid Remote software unlock client and a Valid Paid Licence.

Q Do i need to send the Dell Streak  phone in the Post to you ?

A Yes Can if your not Techincally Minded But you can now unlock your phone at home using a PC with an Internet connection & our Dell Streak Unlock software with a Paid Licence.

Q How do i get the Software to Unlock

A After Payment we send you the Software after payment.

Q How Do i get a Licence to use the Dell Streak Code Reader ?

A You can buy on this page but order processing is manualy done and can take some hours before you  recieve the email from us or you can use the Page link  to get Licence Instaly after payment

Home>Dell Streak Remote unlock Code Reader Software>Dell Streak unlock Code Reader Software Licence

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Unlock You  Dell Streak By Sending us only the IMEI number & Payment

We email you back a unlock code to enter after 48 to 60 hours.

Simply enter another network sim and the Streak will ask for code.

Enter the code and your done.

Unlock Your DELL Streak Phone By Code

We can supply the unlock code to unlock your DELL Streak no matter which network it is currently locked to

This is a great way to get your phone unlocked as no technical knowledge is needed.  It’s all done by email, there is no need to send your phone to us.

Supported Phones

Which Handsets Can Be Unlocked Using This Service?

  • DELL Streak Unlock Code

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost to unlock your DELL Streak starts from £34.99 per handset.

How Long Does it Take to Get The Code?

Code wait times are approx 3 – 5 working days for DELL Streak unlock codes

How Do I Know The Code Will Work?

We deliver the exact unique unlock code assigned to your DELL Streak at the point of manufacture.  Our codes are not the same as the cheap fake codes that may damage your handset you see on other fake sites.  Our codes come directly from DELL database and are always correct.  You will also receive easy to follow instructions on how to enter your code too.

How Can I Trust Solutions Point Limited To Deliver?

We are first company to unlock the Dell streak via Rebel simcard II and then created the first direct code reading software where by via cable only we can unlock your Dell streak. Our unlock service is sure to work for you as your dealing direct with the Source of the Dell streak Unlocking Team globally

As you already know the Rebel Team from the UK at Solutions Point Limited was the first to unlock the Dell streak via the Rebel Simcard II.

However now the Rebel Team are agian first in the world to offer the full Factory unlock of the Dell streak.

Postal service for UK is Launched and Live now
How The Dell Streak Unlock Service Works

The Offical Website for the Dell Streak UK Postal Service Dell streak Unlock Via Post to any network worldwide and be free to use the network simcard on your Factory Unlocked Dell Streak Tablet Pc Phone

World First & Exclusive Video Demo on our unlock code Reader for the Dell Steak   HOT

How can you Trust Solutions Point Limited with your Dell Phone ?

We already supply the only other current unlock solution for the Dell streak which is the Rebel Simcard II. For more info please or

We have a history of releasing world first Exclusive solutions and many examples can be found on our blogs and websites.


Do you open the Dell Streak Phone to perform the unlock ?

No our software interfaces to the phone via the standard usb cable supplied with the Dell Streak

Do you need to modify the software in the Phone to unlock it ?

We have developed a code reading solution which does not tamper with the phones software at all and the operation is fully safe and no damage can be done to you dell streak with our unlocking Service.

Can i update to new android OS in the furture without relocking my Dell streak Phone back up ?

Yes you can always update to new firmwares of android without the worry of loosing your unlock.

Is the unlock Service available Worldwide ?

The Dell Streaks can be from any place and locked to any network but we are offering for now a postal unlock service starting with the UK but will be extending the service to other countries shortly.

If i send a Dell Phone to get unlocked do i need to make a backup of my data on the phone incase i loose it after the unlocking process ?

No you dont need worry about that as we dont load new software on your phone or update it. We simply unlock the phone and send back in the same condition and no damage can occur to your phone but if you feel paranoid its always better to make a backup.

Can i Bring my Dell To your office to Unlock it or do you offer only postal services ?

Yes you can give us a call and we can make an appointment for you to visit our office and to have your Dell unlocked without using the postal service.

I already an using a Rebel simcard II with the Dell Streak. Can you offer me some trade in value for my Rebel sim II as im already a client of yours ?

Yes you can Receive £10 off the price of the unlock when you send 1 working Rebel simcard II back to us via the Postal Unlock Service only.

I am not from the UK and i want to unlock my dell Streak. Can you provide a solution for me ?

The only other unlock solution for the Dell Streak is the Rebel simcard II and can be purchased from the Website here for retail and here for traders.

More info on the Exclusive Dell Streak Full Unlock Service.

How To Use The Dell Streak Postal Unlock Service

How does the Postal Unlock system Work ?

Step 1

Order & Complete Payment & supply your IMEI number on the order page.

Now you will have an order number and also on the order you will have the IMEI numbers for all the phones you will be sending to get unlocked. Please print of a copy of the Order and include in your parcel before despatch.

Step 2

Send your Dell Streak Phone to us in the Post using any type of service you like but make sure the service has online tracking and requires a signature upon arrival.

Please print of a copy of the Order and include in your parcel before despatch.

Step 3

Soon as your Dell Streak arrives we will

Book this in to our system and you will get email to let you its arrived and booked in.

When the Unlock has been Done you will be emailed to let you know.

When we ship your Dell Streak Phone/Phones back to you you will also get an email with the Tracking information and the order will then be marked as Completed and you can download your Invoice for your order from within your account in the Dell Streak Unlock Shopping Cart.

We always return your phone unlocked back to you via our in house Fast Shipping Services

Postal Service is Now Live to order now please visit