Automatic GSM diallers can be either be installed as software or as hardware.

This Demo shows how to use the Rebel Sim II Dialler v2 firmware in iphone 3GS which is a Hardware based Automatic Least Cost Routing Dialling System.

The hardware Rebel  sim II  dialler is a thin chip of a similar shape to a phone’s SIM that sits between the SIM and the phone.

A sim dialer allows users to use international calling card services through the mobile phone without changing normal dialing procedures.

Once set up has been Completed users dont need to worry about being charged Excessive Prices for international calls and the system Detects numbers that Start with 00 and routes the call automatically to your desired Calling service Access number.

In this Example we first obtained calling credit from a VOIP server like  but you can any other voip or calling card provider of your choice.

Step 1

How Cut the Network Simcard Safely Using the Network Simcard Cutter

Step 2

Place the Rebel Sim ii with firmware v2 for Call through in the iphone 3GS simgate as show but if your using other phone models check the guide here on how to enter the rebel simcard II in other simgate styles


Step 3

Place some tape over the simgate so you can always remove safely. Tape is only advised for all iphone models only.

Step 4

Click on Settings and Then Phone then Sim Applications at the bottom of the Screen

rebel sim dialler

Step 5

In the Config Menu you can see the * Next to Enable by Default

Click on Editing Numbers and here enter you call through access number supplied by your Voip provider

rebel sim diallerrebel sim dialler

Step 6

Now click on Dialling Rules and Select the No 00 option as we want to automatically route all numbers through that start with 00 to save on international calls.

rebel sim diallerrebel sim dialler

Step 7

Now Configure the Dialler to Work for iphones. By clicking on Dialling Modes From menu Select ICC2 option

rebel sim dialler

You are Ready now and as a demo we placed a called to a numbers that does not start with 00 and the phone call is not changed and goes through as normal

rebel sim dialler

Now Place a call from your phone memory or dial on the keypad any number that starts with 00 and the Rebel Sim Dialler software kicks in and DOES not Let a Direct Call Take Place.

Instead the Access number is called and when the Voip access number sees the Caller ID of your phone it auto answers and supplied you with Dialtone to dial your number. The Rebel sim Dialler sends the Voip provider of the number you dailled via DTMF tones and they connect the call but so much cheaper.

rebel sim diallerrebel sim diallerrebel sim diallerrebel sim dialler

rebel sim diallerrebel sim dialler

See the Full video below of how to break free from high international call charges without changing your dialling habits has its easy as its automatic.

Rebel Sim Diallers can be ordered here for new customers and users who already have a rebel simcard II can programmer can download the files here to program the v2 call control firmware to use.

Download the iphones Call routing Manual below