Hello and Great news for all you Rebellers

We have collected very good Feedback from all beta testers for v64 of the rebel sim firmware.

V64 Beta can now be downloaded by all users To Try in the Rebel Sim Firmware Download Section

As you know thier 1000’s of types of network simcards designs in use worldwide.

The Rebel Simcard has provided support for more network simcards from around the world which can renew network simcard keys in the iphone 3G.

No other unlock simcard that is software upgrable like rebel simcard exits that provides thier users with the Free updates and with World First Solutions.

As users of other unlock simcards are aware of problems where renewing of network simcard keys is not possible and they need to take out the network sim place in  a 2g phone to get network back and then place thier network simcard back in the iphone 3G.

This process of manually having to obtian network keys in another phone and then placing back in the iphone 3G can be quite a pain staking task and now 90 percent of rebel sim users do not need to do this.

Rebel Sim added the network renew function back in the v57  and v61 firmware  and have extended the support for renewal in v64

This mean that being a rebel simcard user you are able to travel freely without the need to worry like other unlocking simcard users who dont have the peace of mind like you do that if your network is lost when using rebel simcard then it can be regianed automatically or by using the air plane mode on/off or a reboot of the iphone 3G at most.

We do have another firmware in beta testing the v71 which can Renew the Network if lost without the need to power on and off or use air plane mode on and off. As soon as we have enough feedback from the beta testers that the firmware has good compatibality all around the world we will release this for all users.

For now all Offical Beta Testers can Access this from the downloads section here

Deals with Pre programmed V64 Beta with Life time Membership to the Rebel Developers Beta Testing Network are below for new and existing users.

This Great offer allows %20 Savings on Iphone 3G unlocking products from www.rebelsimcard.com

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Back in Stock Rebel Sim Pro Sim adapter and Full Size Programmer

The Full size programmer is the ideal choice when purchasing a rebel simcard as this programmer has Drivers for windows XP 64 and Vista64.

Simple and Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade Rebel simcard firmwares.

See Video how to use here

Drivers for the Rebel Full size Programmer can be found here for all operating systems

Other added Benfits of the programmer are that it can be used with cardinal software for gsm simcard and you can explore the simcard and its folders and also read deleted SMS messages from simcard.

Rebel Research labs

Description Date Download
Rebel Labs Cardinal Sim Editor for Research. – Video
How to Install Cardinal.
09-Sept-2008 Download
Research Cardinal Sim Editor for Research – Video
How to use Cardinal.
10-Sept-2008 Download
Rebel labs Cardinal Sim Editor for Research – Software

09-Sept-2008 Download

Other Packages that include Rebel Simcard with the Full size Programmer

Rebel Simcard Beta firmware v69 add to login section

All users must have a Rebel Programmer to be able to test and update.

If you dont yet have a usb programmer you can purchase one here

Existing users can login here

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New Design of Rebel Sim with intergrated Tape on the Rebel Simcard so that you can stick your network simcard in place and this way avoid ever getting your simgate jammed.

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Quickpwn’s unofficial version has been released for iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 build 7A300g. So jailbreaking the latest 3.0 beta is now possible.

Download QuickPWN here.

Works for Phone 2G, iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 1G.

Photos of a next generation iPhone prototype have surfaced online at Chinese language blog UMPCFever.

The external design is not featured however the report indicts that the new device does have an autofocus camera. It uses an onscreen square that can be moved around the screen by tapping. This selects which object or person will be focused on.

Also pictured is the rumored digital compass and its software, MMS, and Copy and Paste with images.

These photos haven’t been confirmed as genuine; however, the interface does look in keeping with Apple

design and rumored expectations.

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