World First for the Unlocking of the Palm Pre using Rebel Simcard II

After many months of waiting for the Palm Pre to get a UK release and the heartbreak of seeing it with an O2 exclusive contract, the Pre was released last Friday.

The  Rebel Sim Card Team are Happy to Announce the Compatibility with the Latest Palm Pre Phone with Full Support for Network Renewal Functions and Unlocking and Plug and Play usage.

This means the Rebel Simcard II can be used to by pass the Network locks and Restrictions the Network providers have placed to restrict you from using other network provider’s simcards and networks on the Palm Pre.

No Software or Codes can unlock this model to Date and only the Rebel Simcard II is able to Fully unlock the Phone for use with voice, data and 3G on any network Worldwide.

The Palm Pre Unlock Package can be ordered here

Package includes a Rebel Simcard II pre configured and Ready for Out of the Box Plug and Play Usage.

Simply Cut the network simcard you wish to use using the rebel simcard cutter which takes a few seconds and plug in the Rebel simcard II and your favourite sim in to the Palm Pre and power on the Phone and you will Ready to use.

Simple Fast and Effective Solution without losing Warranty for the Palm Pre.

You can see the Video Demo here

To show you the Rebel simcard II is a highly Reliable Solution to Unlock the Palm Pre to any network the Video demonstrates the Network Authentication Keys Renewal Functions of the Rebel simcard II.


The Rebel simcard II Does the Magic and is Ready to use on any network 2G or 3G. for Voice Data Calls SMS MMS.

The Palm pre is now unlocked and the phone has found the network it self and Registered.

Simple Easy Unlocking of the Palm Pre World First By the Rebel simcard II Team.

HTC phone unlocking made easy for any model with windows mobile or Android OS

To Unlock HTC phones thier are 2 option that we offer

  1. Use Rebel Simcard II
  2. Purchase an Unlock Code

However in the recent months many users who have used the unlock code services have found that the code supplied to unlock is not working for them.

The HTC factory codes that are sourced from HTC work in around 98% of all cases.

However the HTC Hero on Orange UK is one particular handset which has been subject to an arrangement between HTC and Orange whereby the default unlock codes have all been changed by Orange so that they can retain exclusive control of the codes and thus the unlocking of the handset.

The codes were reprogrammed by Orange before Despatch and the default Factory codes that we and all other HTC unlock code suppliers source do not work on these handsets. This means HTC Hero bought from ORANGE UK or mentioned phones have different unlock codes so they will have a full monopoly on them.


All is not lost and these HTC phones that cannot be unlocked by code methods or even software CAN be Unlocked using the Rebel Simcard II.

The Rebel Sim II does not affect the HTC in any other way and you can use all functions 100% like you normally can with an unlocked phone. You don’t loose your Warranty and can instantly begin to use your favourite HTC phone as the Rebel Sim II for HTC comes ready programmed for immediate use and you only need to cut your network sim and enter in to your sim gate to use and Enjoy your phone.

Example How to Insert Rebel Sim II Cut Design in to HTC Hero


This is a tutorial on how to add APN settings to HTC phones for your network providers. Example phone used is a HTC Hero but process is same for all HTC models.

Android APN and Data Settings Change  for HTC Phones
  1. Go to settings -> wireless controls
  2. Go to Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
  3. Click Menu and select New APN
  4. All you need to add for most networks is just the APN setting which can be obtained from your simcards network provider
  5. Press Menu and Save
  6. You are ready and have configured data connection settings.

Enjoy your HTC phones unlocked for Voice and Data for any network. see video below

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