Come  join us the Gadget Show Live between the 7th & 11th of April in Birmingham at the NEC Exhibition Centre on Stand B 15a.

We will be Launching the most power full firmware ever for unlocking Smart phones with Windows Mobile and Android OS for the Rebel Simcard II.

Rebel Simcard is the world leader in the Sim Overlay Technology and has already helped 100′ of thousands of users to by pass network locks and restrictions placed on thier phones without the need of cables and software to be able to use their choice of network simcards.

No Specialist Technical knowledge is required to unlock the Latest Smart phones.  Learn how to unlock phones the easy way.

Rebel Simcard II is compatible worldwide with any phone that uses the Google Android OS and Windows Mobile Phones Below

Android Phones Supported

Acer Liquid A1

ARCHOS Phone Tablet

Dell Mini 3ix

Dell Streak

Docomo HT03A

Geeksphone one

HTC Click

HTC Dragon

HTC Dream

HTC Eris

HTC Hero

HTC Lancaster

HTC Magic

HTC Tattoo

Huawei u8230

Lenovo O1

LG Amundsen

LG Eve

Motorola Backflip

Motorola Calgary

Motorola CLIQ

Motorola Devour

Motorola Droid

Motorola Heron

Motorola Milestone

Motorola Motori

Nexus One

Philips V808

Samsung Behold 2

Samsung Bigfoot

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung InstinctQ m900

Samsung Moment

Samsung SHW-M100S

Samsung Spica

Sprint HTC Hero

-Mobile Pulse

T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G2 Touch

T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

Xperia X3

Windows Mobile 6.x Phones

AT&T Tilt

HP iPAQ 510


HTC Mogul

HTC Touch


Motorola Moto Q 9m

Motorola Moto Q Global

Motorola Q9C

Pantech Duo

Psion WPG2

Samsung Ace

Samsung Blackjack II

Samsung Epix

Samsung Omnia

Samsung SCH-i760

T-Mobile Dash 6.0

T-Mobile Shadow

T-Mobile Wing

Verizon SMT5800

Verizon XV6800

Verizon XV6900

Windows Mobile 5.x / 2003SE Phones

Audiovox 5600

Cingular 2125

Cingular 3125

Cingular 8525

CN3 Mobile

Dopod 515

Dopod 557w

Dopod 586w

Eten M700

HP iPaq hw6920

HP iPaq hw6925


HTC P4350

HTC S310

HTC S620


i-mate JAQ

i-mate JAQ3

i-mate Smartflip

i-mate Smartphone

i-mate Smartphone2

i-mate SP3

i-mate SP3i

i-mate SP5

i-mate SP5m

i-mate SPL

MIO 8380

Motorola i930

Motorola MC9097-G

Motorola MC70

Motorola Moto-Q

Motorola MPx200

Motorola MPx220

Motorola Q

O2 Xda Cosmo

O2 Xda IQ

O2 Xda Phone

O2 Xda Phone II

Orange MPx200

Orange SPV

Orange SPV c500

Orange SPV c550

Orange SPV c600

Orange SPV e100

Orange SPV e200

Pantech PN-820

Qtek 7070

Qtek 8010

Qtek 8020

Qtek 8060

Qtek 8080

Qtek 8100

Qtek 8300

Qtek 8310

Qtek 8500

Sagem myS-7

Samsung BlackJack

Samsung i600

Samsung SCH-i730

Samsung SGH-i300

Samsung SGH-i320

Sierra Wireless Voq

Smart Amazing Phone

Sprint IP-830

Sprint Moto-Q

T-Mobile Dash

T-Mobile SDA 1

T-Mobile SDA 2

T-Mobile SDA 3

Verizon Moto-Q

Verizon PN-820

Verizon XV6700

The new Palm pre firmware 1.4 has been released.

However Rebel sim II is not Fully Compatiable with 1.4 firmware unless some firmware modifications is made but Rebel Simcard II is still the only way to unlock the Palm Pre phones.

Users who upgrade to the 1.4 WEBOS firmware will not be able to use the 3G UMTS networks.  The 1.4 WEBOS firmware restricts the Rebel simcard II from being able to Generate Network Authentications keys due to the Modem Baseband software being updated by the 1.4 firmware.

Use blog link to download a Free tool to help you downgrade

Palm Unlock Sim

Palm Unlock Sim

Palm Pre Cases

Palm Pre Cases



Palm Pre Screen Protectors

Palm Pre Screen Protectors

New*PALM Pre instant Unlock Server*

New*PALM Pre instant Unlock Server*