Well, seems that things are getting better for us Europeaniens here – Palm decided to release a GSM version of Palm Pre and distribute it all across the Europe. Well, not all across for now, as it turns out that exclusive operator for Palm Pre will be O2. So, we’re expecting to have Pre’s in Great Britain, Ireland and Germany  – and quite fast – from October 13th!
When it comes to prices, it seems that they won’t be too high, in fact, Pre’s are going to be pretty affordable for anyone who decides to sign up a contract with the O2. In Great Britain, you could get your Pre for 97 pounds (18 months contract) or even for free (24 month contract with some more expensive monthly rates). All rates will include unlimited WiFi access all over GB (The Cloud).
Ireland has some different situation – 99 euros for the device with 18 months contract on 45 euros of monthly rate, or a free device with 100 euros per month rate.
And at last, but not the least – Germany – whose O2 will offer unlocked Palm Pre device (price still unknown).
But nevertheless, we sure hope to get one device for our selves, so we can test the Rebel Simcard II
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