Iphone 2G 3G 3GS 4G & Ipads Rebel Activation Card Available

Apple Iphone mobile Activate Sim Card

Compatible with iPhone3G, 3Gs and the latest OS 4 (iPhone 4) ipad

Once you’ve got your new iPhone, you’ll need to connect to the latest version of iTunes to activate it. And which will ask for activation with original simcard. but when you have not the Sim , what to do ?

Q. I don’t have original sim card and i need to activate it?

A You can buy this Sim Card for activation and this way you dont need a sim from the original network the phone or ipad is locked on to be able to activate and use.

Dont be Sat on a Lemon and use this Card to activate your phone and be able to use the functions and get past the screen on the iphone where its asking to be activated.

Q . Is it working for my iphone or ipad ?

A Yes, Working for any version. including the latest OS 4 (iPhone 4) and ipads

Q. I don’t know my Iphone network operator ?

A Don’t worry , the Rebel activation card will auto detect your network for you.

Q. How is this simcard  working?

A step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about iPhone activation to get you started using it right away! You do search on google , eg, Introduction to iPhone Activation.

Just plug in to your device and connect to itunes and that’s it Easy as ABC

Note: This Sim card not for unlock phone baseband etc. and is Activation By pass only.

Order Activation Card  in the Parent site Rebel simcard

Order Activation card in a Sister Site of the Rebel Micro sim cutter

See Video on how Activation and Phone Book Card works

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