Out of all the Windows Phone 7 launch partners, HTC’s obviously been the most hard-working but which of the five launch devices is the Taiwanese company’s best work?

Well, there’s no such thing as a perfect phone, but we dare say the 7 Mozart’s the most stylish out of the lot. Not convinced? Flip the phone around and you’ll see its two main selling points: its aluminum unibody construction (as applied on the Nexus One and Legend), and its 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash (as opposed to 5 megapixels with LED flash on the other WP7 devices).


In addition to the handsome unibody chassis and the 8 megapixel camera (with Xenon flash), there’s also the now-common 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, along with a sharp 3.7-inch SLCD (with better color reproduction and viewing angle than the HD7’s) and 8GB storage capacity.

On the front there are three backlit capacitive buttons below the screen, whereas above the screen you see a shiny grill for the earpiece plus an LED indicator underneath. The remaining buttons — all in matte silver — are located on the sides: volume rocker on the left, power button at the top (where the 3.5mm headphone jack resides as well), and the two-stage camera button at the bottom right.

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave over the last few months, you should be well aware that Microsoft’s been laying some serious ground rules for strictly no skinning on WP7, which means companies like HTC can’t port a similar experience from their Android or even Windows Mobile 6 offerings. To get around this, HTC came up with the HTC Hub app. Now, to be brutally honest, this is hardly a replacement for Sense; rather than a skin or even a widget, the Hub’s more like a weather app stuffed with a portal to a handful of HTC apps.

How to Unlock the New Breed of HTC Phones with Windows Mobile OS

Many Experienced Unlocking professionals will know that Orange & other networks networks around the world have found ways to over come the entering of unlock codes in their phones by their customisation software that they load on to the phones and restrict the entering of unlocking codes.

Orange in the UK started this back when it released its HTC Hero and Tattoo range of htc smart phones. What they did is to create an extra subroutine in Branded version of the HTC Flashes/ROMS and loaded them on to the locked HTC phones.


Even if users obtained an unlock code by reading the code via special software via cables or by using remote imei unlocking services they could not unlock the phone as even after entering the code it would not ask you again and again for the code till you went bananas.

As soon soon as the unlock code was entered the HTC phone again asked the unlock code as it was programmed to do by the networks who purchased them. Months passed by non solution was to be found for the phone and users were restricted to the one network the phone was locked on to.

Rebel simcard II became the only unlock solution to allow use of restricted network simcard on the HTC phones with Android & Windows Mobile with  its V1.1 Firmware.

As time passed on users were loosing money on a daily basis from unlock code suppliers on the web as refunds were not being supplied after unlock codes failed to work.

Then some forum members learnt how to create a Gold card for their HTC phone which allows CID unlocking which is a method to be able to de brand your phone and flash it to a non network operator customised menu system. In other words the software on the phone after flashing can remove all operator logo and customisations.

This then allowed the use of unlock codes agian only for some models but creating a gold card and flashing a new ROM image was not childs play and many ended up bricking their phones trying.

The best method to unlock the Latest Smart phones and without voiding the warranty is Rebel simcard II. No cables and software or cables and free regular software updates enhancing compatibly with the newest phones on the market from Major Brands. Already users can unlock the Current Range of HTC smart phones with V1.1 and v1.2 firmwares but now with new Beta V1.3  you can unlock the current breed once again with Windows Mobile 7.

How To use the New Rebel Simcard II v1.3 BETA firmware for windows mobile phones for unlocking the new range of HTC Phones.


Phone is locked and as its locked on Orange with customised firmware it cannot be unlocked by code as no way to de brand the phone as cannot be flashed to the software without network operator branding.

Enter the Latest Rebel simcard II V1.3 Beta firmware that can be downloaded on the downloads page free for all Rebel simcard II users.




Enter the Rebel simcard II with your network simcard in the the simgate and close.


You will find the phone will boot up and you will get network. Then go the main screen and select the settings option


Under Settings Scroll Down to the Mobile Network option and select. Where it says dont roam change this to roam

Dont worry you dont get charged for roaming and the phone is being fooled in to thinking it is and your network will

not be charging you any extra charges for using data unless you are outside of your home country you wont get charged extra.


You can also enter your network providers APN settings in this page and then you will a G next to the signal bars.

Now your data connection will be active and ready to use.


You can also enable 3G ON on this page and then you will see the G change to H for high speed 3G connectivity.


Surf the Net at High speeds and Internet Explorer and Apps Market place and make calls

Surf the Net at High 3G speeds with Rebel simcard II V1.3 Beta on windows mobile HTC phones

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