Japanese SOFTBANK 920SH

Japanese SOFTBANK 920SC
Japanese SOFTBANK 904SH
Japanese SOFTBANK SH905I
Japanese SOFTBANK 921SH
Japanese SOFTBANK 922SH
Japanese SOFTBANK 705SH
Japanese SOFTBANK 903SH
Japanese SOFTBANK 550SH
Japanese SOFTBANK 770S
Japanese SOFTBANK GX25
Japanese SOFTBANK GX20
Japan phones: 705Px
Japan phones Va10P
Japan phones V820p
Japan phones V911T
Japan phones P905I
Japan phones 709sc
Japan phones 920se
Japan phones V810p
Japan phones V820p
Japan phones 920p
Japan phones 705px
Japan phones V811T
Japan phones V812T
Japan phones V911T
Japan phones V920T
Japan phones V70T
Japan phones L600i
Japan phones L602i
Japan phones D905i
Japan phones F905i
Japan phones S0905i
Japan phones S090iec
Japan phones Sh905i
Japan phones D906i
Japan phones P906i
Japan phones So906i
Japan phones F906i
Japan phones Sh906i
Japanese DOCOMO: P905I
Japanese DOCOMO D905I
Japanese DOCOMO SO905I
Japanese DOCOMO SO905ICS
Japanese DOCOMO F905I
Japanese DOCOMO N905I
Rebel Simcard II Now Fully Loaded with Support for Mobile phone handsets from Japan

Demo video for sharp Shoftbank 920 SH using Rebel Sim II

Japaneese Supported Models

611s · 631s · 633s · 641 · 641sf · 770SH · 802 · 902 · 904 · CEC SL7500c · GS200 · GX-E30 · GX-F200 · GX-L15 · GX1 · GX10 · GX10i · GX15 · GX17 · GX18 · GX20 · GX21i · GX22 · GX23 · GX25 · GX29 · GX30 · GX31i · GX32 · GX33 · GX40 · GXi98 · GZ100 · GZ200 · J-SH03 · J-SH04 · J-SH05 · PV200 · PV250 · SG200 · SH 550 · SH 601em · SH 700i · SH 703 · SH 705 · SH 712m · SH 770 · SH 811 · SH 821i · SH 880 · SH 900i · SH 902 · SH 903 · SH 903i TV · SH 905 · SH 910 · SH 911 · SH906i · SX313 · SX633 · SX633a · SX813 · SX815 · SX833 · TM100 · TM150 · TM200 · V402SH · V602SH · V603SH · V604SH · V703SH · V801SH · V802SH · V902SH · V903SH · WX-T81 Japanese SOFTBANK 920SH  Japanese SOFTBANK 920SC  Japanese SOFTBANK 904SH  Japanese SOFTBANK SH905I  Japanese SOFTBANK 921SH  Japanese SOFTBANK 922SH  Japanese SOFTBANK 705SH  Japanese SOFTBANK 903SH  Japanese SOFTBANK 550SH  Japanese SOFTBANK 770S  Japanese SOFTBANK HGX15  Japanese SOFTBANK GX25  Japanese SOFTBANK GX20 Japan phones: 705Px  Japan phones Va10P  Japan phones V820p  Japan phones V911T Japan phones P905I Japan phones 709sc  Japan phones 920se  Japan phones V810p  Japan phones V820p  Japan phones 920p  Japan phones 705px  Japan phones V811T Japan phones V812T Japan phones V911T Japan phones V920T  Japan phones V70T  Japan phones L600i  Japan phones L602i  Japan phones D905i  Japan phones F905i  Japan phones S0905i  Japan phones S090iec  Japan phones Sh905i  Japan phones D906i  Japan phones P906i  Japan phones So906i  Japan phones F906i  Japan phones Sh906i Japanese DOCOMO: P905I  Japanese DOCOMO D905I  Japanese DOCOMO SO905I  Japanese DOCOMO SO905ICS  Japanese DOCOMO F905I  Japanese DOCOMO N905I

Unlock your Sharp mobile with Rebel SimCard

Example How to Insert Rebel Sim II Cut Design in to Sharp 904

Example How to Insert Rebel Sim II Cut Design in to Sharp 906i

Example How to Insert Rebel Sim II Cut Design in to Sharp 920SH

Sharp Rebel Sim II Unlock card

Sharp Rebel Sim II Unlock card
Choose Your Rebel Simcard and Unlock Your Mobile Phone Instantly. The Worlds Only Unlock Solution that will NOT invalidate the warranty of your Phone. The Best and Easiest Method of Unlock. Sharp Rebel Sim II Unlock card
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US $15.01

Sharp Rebel Sim II Unlock card + Network sim Cutter

Sharp Rebel Sim II Unlock card + Network sim Cutter
Choose Your Rebel Simcard and Unlock Your Mobile Phone Instantly. The Worlds Only Unlock Solution that will NOT invalidate the warranty of your Phone. The Best and Easiest Method of Unlock. Sharp Rebel II Unlock Sim card with Cutter Package contents
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US $22.52

Sharp Batteries

Sharp Batteries Sharp Unlock Sim



Hello and Great news for all you Rebellers

We have collected very good Feedback from all beta testers for v64 of the rebel sim firmware.

V64 Beta can now be downloaded by all users To Try in the Rebel Sim Firmware Download Section

As you know thier 1000’s of types of network simcards designs in use worldwide.

The Rebel Simcard has provided support for more network simcards from around the world which can renew network simcard keys in the iphone 3G.

No other unlock simcard that is software upgrable like rebel simcard exits that provides thier users with the Free updates and with World First Solutions.

As users of other unlock simcards are aware of problems where renewing of network simcard keys is not possible and they need to take out the network sim place in  a 2g phone to get network back and then place thier network simcard back in the iphone 3G.

This process of manually having to obtian network keys in another phone and then placing back in the iphone 3G can be quite a pain staking task and now 90 percent of rebel sim users do not need to do this.

Rebel Sim added the network renew function back in the v57  and v61 firmware  and have extended the support for renewal in v64

This mean that being a rebel simcard user you are able to travel freely without the need to worry like other unlocking simcard users who dont have the peace of mind like you do that if your network is lost when using rebel simcard then it can be regianed automatically or by using the air plane mode on/off or a reboot of the iphone 3G at most.

We do have another firmware in beta testing the v71 which can Renew the Network if lost without the need to power on and off or use air plane mode on and off. As soon as we have enough feedback from the beta testers that the firmware has good compatibality all around the world we will release this for all users.

For now all Offical Beta Testers can Access this from the downloads section here

Deals with Pre programmed V64 Beta with Life time Membership to the Rebel Developers Beta Testing Network are below for new and existing users.

Rebel Beta Testing Network

Get access to the Latest Rebel Simcard Beta Versions before the world gets it only for £10.
Buy Now

Currenty V61 is the best firmware for rebel sim on the iphone 2.2 & 2.21 firmwares.

However we are always improving network detection and regeneration routines and these new beta firmwares can be accessed by subscribers to the Rebel Testing Network.

After Payment you will recieve an automatic email which will allow access to the Rebel Beta Testing Downloads Section.

A Password and username will be sent via email which will offer you life time membership to new Beta firmwares that are created by the Rebel Sim Team.

Currently v63 Beta and v 64 Beta can be accessed by users to test and send feedback.

All users must have a Rebel Programmer to be able to test and update.

If you dont yet have a usb programmer you can purchase one here

Existing users can login here

New Features in Rebel v63 and v64

New faster Boot up sequence than v61

Better support for 3G Cards with support increased for Accessing 3G data for more Network Simcards.

More simcards supported for Auto Regneration of Network Simcard TIMSI when changing base stations.

No Sim Message and use of Air Plane mode on and off to detect network sim Not needed No More.

The Need to do Manual Network Search and Select Network from list now Enhanced & Automated for More Simcards.

Orange and T mobile simcards Enhanced So can Obtian Service Faster and also EDGE enhanced.

How to Obtian a Data connection if you see no data on the Beta 64 Firmware

Do a network search and login in to another network so network is losteg if you have an iphone 3g and its locked then when you insert rebel sim with your network sim and have signal but cannot activate a data connection or see the GPRS or EDGE or 3G  logo then  say for example you have a Orange sim in the iphone then do a network search and manully log in to another networks and will say You Cellular Network is No longer Available then reboot the iphone and play with air plane mode and when network comes it will have data.

Rebel Programmer Drivers

Programmer Drivers ( according to type ) Operating Systems Date Size Download
Compact Programmer Rebel Simcard Compact programmer drivers
For users who have Rebel Compact programmer.
Drivers can be installed from Windows   Update. In case the Windows update is not working then the drivers can be downloaded from the provided link.

Click here to see how to insert the rebel sim in the compact programmer.

Win XP & Vista 20-Aug-2008 [1.54 MB] Download WinXP Drivers

Win Vista

NOTE WE Recommend Using the Drivers From Windows Update

Cornish Key Programmer Rebel Simcard – Full Size Programmer

How to use the Programmer with Professional Sim Adaptor to update firmware

Win XP & Vista 20-Aug-2008 [1.66 MB] Download

Latest Video from the Rebel Simcard Team showing the unlocking of a locked iphone on the UK O2 Network being using on the latest iphone 3.0 OS beta 2

Great news for all users for iphone 3G users

Only a day after the release of the second iPhone 3.0 developer beta, the firmware has already been jailbroken, hackers claim. A new version of QuickPWN, described as “unofficial” because it is not based on iPhone Dev Team work, opens up iPhones and first-generation iPod touches for purposes such as file browsing and loading unofficial apps. Second-gen Touches are incompatible as a result of Apple’s separation of the firmware line.

After the main software is launched, the hack additionally requires the installation of programs called Icy and OpenSSH.

Download QuickPWN 3.0 Beta 2

Note: This is BETA software, and some jailbroken apps may not work.

iphone 3g unlock 3.0

We just got the announcement from the Rebel Simcard Developement Team  iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2 has been tested succesfully using Rebel Simcard V61

All users who have currently updated to the iphone 3g v3.0 beta 2 can still use the latestV61 firmware from us to unlock the iphone 3G .


The version history of iPhone OS Firmware begins with the release of the iPhone on June 29, 2007. Apple provides updates to the iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s operating system through iTunes, similar to the way that other iPods are updated.The iPhone 3G was released  on July 11, 2008 and supported faster 3G data speeds and Assisted GPS.Here we have the complete list of
Firmware released till january’09 . This the must bookmarked collection for frequent
Upgrader & downgrader.We have links of both
2G &

Download Links for 
1st Gen firmware:

iPhone firmware v1.0    
iPhone firmware v1.0.1
iPhone firmware v1.0.2
iPhone firmware v1.1.1
iPhone firmware v1.1.2
iPhone firmware v1.1.3
iPhone firmware v1.1.4
iPhone firmware v2.0
iPhone firmware v2.0.1
iPhone firmware v2.0.2
iPhone firmware v2.1
iPhone firmware v2.2
iPhone firmware v2.2.1


 Download Links for 
 3G  firmware :

iPhone 3G firmware v2.0
iPhone 3G firmware v2.0.1
iPhone 3G firmware v2.0.2
iPhone 3G firmware v2.1
iPhone 3G firmware v2.2
iPhone 3G firmware v2.2.1

Solution Point Limited the creators of Rebel Simcard have announced availablity of its Latest product aimed at enthusiasts and hobbiest to scan data communication between network simcard and mobile phones.

This is a tool kit to help scan network simcards so we can add support to the rebel sim for new network simcards that come out and continue to dominate the mobile phone simcard unlocking technology Industry.

This shows how serious we take our leadership of the simcard unlocking Field.

Also this toolkit can be used be the enginners of tomorrow to learn about APDU’s and scanning methods.

Scan APDU Commands From GSM/UMTS Simcards. Ideal To Learn more and to help us make rebel sim work on the newer phones that just released. Hardware Based APDU Sniffing for RS232 Packets.

Scan APDU Commands From GSM/UMTS Simcards for Analysis

Hardware Based APDU Sniffing for RS232 Packets.

All Software Required is here

Rebel Product Usage Guide for iPhone 2G/3G

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Rebel Product Usage Guide for iPhone 2G/3G for both Cut & NoCut Versions

The Product Usage Guide has been updated with more clear details and with newer data about the new Rebel Versions. Adviced to all : Please read this document carefully before using Rebel simcard.