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Do you Own an Apple iphone or Apple iPad ?

Well this will be a yes for many millions of people around the world. None of us like to wait & to obtain an Iphone or Ipad before its official release in the our home countries. Many of you would have asked a cousin or friend who lives in the country where the iphone or ipad is released first to purchase one and send over to you.

This is a great way to to get your hands on your favourite gadgets early. However thier are some things that are often over looked and this blog article will help you understands its benefits and pitfalls.

Benefits of Obtaining a Apple iphone or ipad from another country ?

Well you get to have one of the latest gadgets to use before others. You can be one step ahead and understand the latest technology on offer and benefit from the 1000’s of applications already available Officially from apple itunes store.

Pitfalls of Obtaining a Apple iphone or ipad from another country ?

This bit is really important if you purchase an locked device which is not Sim Free and can work with only one provider unless you use unlock software on higher firmwares like 3.0 3.1.2 & 3.1.3 & 4.0 or you can use the Permanent Official  itunes Factory Unlock for UK 02 or UK Vodafone.

The way Apple products work when it comes to firmware updates on itunes is a bit tricky. If you are using a Sim Free iphone 2G 3G or 3G then this does not apply to you, but if you are using a locked iphone 2G 3G 3GS  iphone 4 or ipad then we will show you how you can easily by pass the Apple products Activation Checks after firmware updates on itunes.





What to do when the inevitable happens & your  iphone  or ipad software crashes and you need to restore the firmware via itunes.

What all of you will have experience at some time or another is the iphone or ipad will crash and then you need to connect this to itunes to restore the firmware on the device.

Itunes will flash the iphone or ipad with either your choice of custom firmware if you keep hold of Shift while pressing restore or it will download the latest from Apple which you want to avoid as this will update the baseband software also and the chances are that unlock software will not be available for some time for that Baseband firmware.

Either way once you have updated the firmware then its nessasry to Activate the phone with a network simcard from the same provider its locked on to. This way its possible to get past the screen where it says connect to itunes and can then access the other features of the Device.



Question ?

I purchased an  iphone/ipad  and i don’t know the network the phone is locked on to and the phone is stuck at the connect to itunes screen and i don’t have the original network simcard or knowledge on how to create & Flash custom firmware files .

What Can i do too get past this Activation Screen to be able access the device function so i can at least use the phones other features even its not possible to unlock for now ?


Their are a few solutions to the problem and  i will elaborate more

  1. Most obvious one is to have a network simcard of the same network as the iphone or ipad is locked on to. So if i know that the iphone or ipad is locked on to Vodafone for example then after a firmware update on itunes i would need to have a vodafone simcard in the device to be able to gain entry to the device and will be able pass the activation on itunes.
  2. Create a Custom ipsu or Dmg Firmware which is already hacktivated using some special tools and these can only be used with Apple Mac computers and then flash this newly created firmware to the device so you can by pass the activation check all together. But this is not possible for all firmwares and not available for all Apple iphone and ipad firmwares and not the Latest 4.0 OS on the ipad or iphone 4 as those are too new and wont be supported for some time
  3. Use special Rebel activation by pass sim cards that dont need programming and  can auto detect the  network code settings to fool iphones or ipads in to thinking they have a same network in order to get past the activation screen.

Full Specification of Rebel Activation Card.

Iphone 3G 2G 3G 4G & Ipads Rebel Card Activation Activate mobile Apple Iphone Sim Card
Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3G and the latest OS 4 (iPhone 4) IPAD
Once you’ve got your new iPhone, you’ll Need to connect to the latest version of iTunes to activate it. And Which Will ask for activation with original simcard. But Not When You Have the Rebel Activation Sim,
Q. I Do not Have original sim card and i need it to activate?
A You Can buy this Sim Card for activation and this way you dont need a sim from the original network the phone is locked on or IPAD to be Able to activate and use. Sat Dont be on a Lemon and use this card to your phone activate and be Able to use the Functions and Get Past the screen on the iphone WHERE ITS Asking to be activated.
Q. Is it working for my iphone or IPAD?
A Yes, Working for Any version. Including the latest OS 4 (iPhone 4) and ipads
Q. I do not know my Iphone network operator?
A Do not worry, the Rebel activation card will auto detect your network for you unlike other cards that would need to be programmed with the provider settings each time before use using a card reader.
Q. How is this working simcard?
A Just plug in to your device and connect to itunes and that’s it Easy as ABC and you will be able to pass the Activation Screen and get in to your devices.
Q Does this Rebel Activation simcard Unlock My iphone or ipad.
A No the Rebel Activation Card is not used for network unlock restriction removing and is used to By Pass the Apple itunes Activation checks so you dont need to use the a simcard from the same provider the device is locked on to.
Q. Can i Use on any firmware and Baseband and any Apple Devices.
A Yes all firmware and Baseband are Currently Supported.
Q Can i use the Rebel Activation Card for anything else.
A As a Bonus the Rebel Activation Can store 3000 names and numbers in the sim Itself So You Can backup your phone contacts .You Can Password Protect the card contacts via a PIN.
Rebel Sim Team World First To Support

Full Auto Detection and Bypass Activation of Check for all Apple iphones and ipads.
Essential If your phone is stuck in Activation screen and you dont have to network the network sim on the iphone or IPAD is locked on to.
Simple Plug and Play

Dont be sat on a Expensive Lemon and use this Rebel Activation card on your iphone/ipad to  activate and be Able to use the Functions.




All you need to do is take your non-activated iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, or 4 and leave it unplugged from iTunes

not activated

Then, take the activation SIM and place it in the phone (if working with an iPhone 4, you will need to cut it down to a micro-sim if you did not specify RebelSimCard to send you one pre-cut):

insert sim

Finally, plug the iPhone into iTunes (your computer) and the activation screen will then be bypassed, thus giving you access to the phone:


NOTE:  this does NOT actually active the iPhone, nor does it unlock it.  Itonly bypasses the activation screen to allow you to use it at least as an iPod Touch (until an unlock is available for iPhone 4 / iOS4 if you are in that situation).   To show this, once I put an O2 sim card in my iPhone 4 (which is locked to O2), I then get an “iPhone is activated” message:


Iphone 2G 3G 3GS 4G & Ipads Rebel Activation Card Available

Apple Iphone mobile Activate Sim Card

Compatible with iPhone3G, 3Gs and the latest OS 4 (iPhone 4) ipad

Once you’ve got your new iPhone, you’ll need to connect to the latest version of iTunes to activate it. And which will ask for activation with original simcard. but when you have not the Sim , what to do ?

Q. I don’t have original sim card and i need to activate it?

A You can buy this Sim Card for activation and this way you dont need a sim from the original network the phone or ipad is locked on to be able to activate and use.

Dont be Sat on a Lemon and use this Card to activate your phone and be able to use the functions and get past the screen on the iphone where its asking to be activated.

Q . Is it working for my iphone or ipad ?

A Yes, Working for any version. including the latest OS 4 (iPhone 4) and ipads

Q. I don’t know my Iphone network operator ?

A Don’t worry , the Rebel activation card will auto detect your network for you.

Q. How is this simcard  working?

A step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about iPhone activation to get you started using it right away! You do search on google , eg, Introduction to iPhone Activation.

Just plug in to your device and connect to itunes and that’s it Easy as ABC

Note: This Sim card not for unlock phone baseband etc. and is Activation By pass only.

Order Activation Card  in the Parent site Rebel simcard

Order Activation card in a Sister Site of the Rebel Micro sim cutter

See Video on how Activation and Phone Book Card works