iPhone Firmware 3.0 Features List

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Finally iPhone Firmware 3.0 features got revealed at Macworld Expo San Francisco. Looking at iPhone OS 3.0 features one thing is sure that its major update to iPhone OS with incredible new features for both dev and customers.

Here is Complete List of iPhone OS 3.0 Features For UsersFor Developers:

Get Ready for iPhone OS 3.0

Start developing the next generation of innovative mobile applications. Join the iPhone Developer Program and gain access to the new iPhone SDK, iPhone OS 3.0 beta, and the 
ability to test your applications directly on iPhone.

iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 3.0 beta

With a rich set of over 1,000 new APIs, iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 3.0 beta provides you with an amazing range of technologies to enhance the functionality of your iPhone and iPod touch applications. New APIs also provide support for applications to communicate with hardware accessories attached to iPhone or iPod touch.


In App Purchase

Allow users to purchase content or services from your application using the Store Kit framework. This new framework handles the financial aspects of the transaction, processes payment with the iTunes Store, and provides your application with information about the purchase.


Peer to Peer Connectivity

Add multi-player capabilities to your games using the peer to peer network connectivity and in game voice communication features of Game Kit. This powerful new framework allows any application, not just games, to communicate between devices using Bluetooth-no pairing required.


Apple Push Notification service

The Apple Push Notification service provides a way to alert your users of new information, even when your application isn’t running. Send text notifications, trigger audible alerts, or add a numbered badge to your application icon.



You can now embed maps within your applications using the new Map Kit framework. Map Kit works with the Google Mobile Maps Service and features panning and zooming, custom annotations, current location and geocoding.



Using the new External Accessory framework, your application can now communicate with “Made for iPod” hardware accessories attached to iPhone or iPod touch through either the 30-pin dock connector or wirelessly using Bluetooth.


iPod Library Access

Access music, podcasts, or audio books in a user’s iPod library directly from your application using the updated Media Player framework. You can play, repeat and shuffle songs or whole playlists, or create sequences of songs using custom searches.


For Users:

Copy and Paste!

Shake to undoMMS from the photo gallery

MMS and Spotlight!

Messaging optionsSpotlight

Landscape mail

Landcsape keyboard

Cut, Copy and Paste with ’shake to Undo’

Text can be selected automatically by double tapping on text and movable grab points appear with a ‘cut, copy and paste’ edit bar above selection. You can copy text across applications.

By shaking iPhone, there comes options to undo and redo you actions. cool! isn’t it?

Landscape Keyboard

This is what a jailbroken iPhone may already have but now in upcoming iPhone OS 3.0, a landscape keyboard is a built-in feature available in key applications, including Mail.


Along with sending multimedia stuff via email, in upcoming iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone 3G users will be able to send MMS messages too. (Sorry, iPhone 1st Gen users). iPhone users will also be able to delete and forward multiple messages.

iphone-os-30-peer-to-peer-connectivityPeer-to-Peer Connectivity

Peer-to-Peer connectivity is great for games and other applications for sharing data. This feature finds other devices and establish peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth.  Through an IP connection, iPhone users will be able to play games. The feature is limited to Bonjour peer-to-peer devices only.

iphone-os-30-accessoriesAccessories App (3rd Party)

This features will allow 3rd party iPhone accessory manufacturers to develop custom Apps to interface with their hardware accessories.

iphone-os-30-in-app-purchaseIn-App Purchase

This feature will allow developers to sell additional stuff from within the App. Like purchasing new levels from within the game, subscribing for a magazine all from within an App.

Spotlight Search

In iPhone OS 3.0. an iPhone owner will find Apple’s Universal search feature named “Spotlight Search”. Spotlight feature can be found a flick to the left from the first screen of Apps. Using spotlight user will be able to search for mails in Mail App, Contacts, Appointments in  Calendar, media files in iPod, notes and more.

iphone-os-30-voice-memosVoice Memos

Using iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone owners will be able to record, edit and send voice memos via both email and MMS.

iphone-os-30-push-notification-servicePush Notification

Push Notification: A background-like process that doesn’t hamper battery life, utilize third-party server to push badge, text, email and audio alerts from applications as soon as they come

iphone-os-30-mapsGoogle Maps

Using iPhone firmware 3.0, developers will be able to embed Google Maps directly into their Applications.

GPS – Turn by Turn

Using CoreLocation, developers will be able to make application for turn by turn GPS directions



Below video will explain how to find out the software version of your iPhone or iPhone 3G model phone


Rebel update for iPhone 2.2

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Great news

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Apple iphone 3G 2.2 update information for rebel simcard users worldwide

It is advisable not to update to the Apple’s new firmware v2.2 with iPhone 3G, as the security has been enhanced hence stopping every single ‘Simcard Unlocking Technique’ to work throughout the world.

What to do if you have already updated the iphone 3G to 2.2 ?

iPhone 3G users who have already updated to the new firmware 2.2 using iTunes can still use rebel simcard with limited options till a new vertion is released very SOON

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What to do now?

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How to use rebel simcard if you have already updated to 2.2 accidently?

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How to change mode of rebel simcard to 1 to use with 2.2

Best to use a any model nokia for fastest way to change the mode and follow the same method as in video below