Users are bombared with Unlocking solutions for the iPhones.

We already have the Factory Unlock option to fully unlock the iPhone’s.  Also you can use Rebel Micro unlock sim overlay cards  and then  for Jail broken users SAM. But the story does not end their.

The rebelsimcard team have found another method that can be used even on the latest iOs 5.1 and best of all Does not rely on having to first Jailbreak the iPhone’s and is much easier than the SAM Software Solution and does not require Rebel micro turbo unlock Overlay sim.

Whenever you use a Rebel Micro Unlock sim for iPhone 4 or 4S  you are free to choose any network sim your want without jailbreak SIM Overlays like the Rebel Micro Unlock simcards work in a different way than the  method described here for the very first time in the WORLD in DETAIL but works in a similar way to SAM software does for jailbroken iPhones’s.

Step 1

Restore the iPhones so you see the Activation Required Message. or  if already activated then proceed to the next step


Step 2

Order a Rebel Micro Activation Simcard from this Link. Note a Programmer is Also Required  and you can deals with programmers also.

Rebel Apple Iphone & Ipads Rebel Micro/Mini Activation SmartCard

Apple Iphone & Ipads Rebel Micro/Mini Activation SmartCard Iphone 4S 4 3GS 3G 2G

CODE: RSC-Rebel-Activation-Card


Rebel Micro SimCard

Rebel Micro SimCard iphone unlock without cables or software's





Step 3










Program the Rebel Activation Card .

To do this download Cardinal or some other program that can read the IMSI & ICCID of a network simcard you wish to use after unlocking which in this case is an 02 simcard as in the Picture with Cardinal software.












Once you read the info  write the data to to the Rebel activation Card and edit only the MCC MNC of the IMSI you copied earlier so the MCC MNC matches the iphones original network.

So all Data should be same as the 02 sim   other than the first 5 or 6 digits of the if the IMSI get edited

So if like in this example the iphone 4s is locked on orange and the code is 234 33. replace the first 5 digits of the IMSI you copied of the 02 sim earlier

Step 4

Insert your CORRECTLY programmed Rebel Activation sim in to the locked iphone and Activate your iPhone using WIFI or Itunes.

Once Activation is completed you can now take out the Rebel Activation sim and Insert the Network simcard whose ICCID you used and this network simcard can be from any network provider. You can use that network simcard now in the iPhones and you never jailbroke your phone.

Congratulations You have Unlocked your iPhone without JAILBREAKS inc Latest iPhone 4S model on iOS 5.1.



Whats the disadvantage of using Rebel Activation Cards over using the Rebel Micro Unlock simcards for iPhones unlocking. ?

Rebel Micro Unlock simcards also known as SimOverlay ProxySim Turbo simcards allows some extra features over the Rebel Activation Card.

  • Users to be able to use any network simcard and be FREE to SWAP network simcards around without the need to redo ICCID IMSI programming using usb programmers for the iPhone 4S
  • Using Rebel Sim Overlay Turbo Unlock Simcards users  dont need to know your ICCID of the network simcard you wish to use.
  • Using Rebel Sim Overlay Turbo Unlock Simcards dont need worry about activating your iphone again when swapping your network simcard to another one with the iPhone 4S
  • Using the Rebel Activation Card  method one bonus point is APN settings are pre populated and you dont need to configure them for many networks as the APN settings get auto loaded from iOs firmware for both iphone 4 and 4S. Note for 4S for the AUTO APN we need to take out the Rebel Micro unlock card and insert only the network simcard once you have activated once with that network sim you wish to use with a Correctly Configured Rebel Micro Unlock simcard with the network code of the locked iphone 4 or 4S’s orignal network.
Simplified Unlock Solution for all iphone 4 & 4S using Rebel micro Unlock Simcards that require no programming to unlock without Jailbreak when order a pre configured Rebel Card for 4 & 4S.

Should you wish to use easy simpler method to do the same thing you can use the Rebel iPhone 4 & 4S Rebel Micro unlock simcards. The benefit is that you dont need a programmer or rebel smartcard/activation simcard and dont need to find your ICCID. They are a much simpler solution for unlocking and are required for one time use only for activation with you favourite sim.  After Activation simply take out the Rebel Micro sim and you can insert your network only and be able to still use your iphone 4 and 4S.

rebel-lite-iphone-4S-microsim iPhone 4 & 4S Unlock & Activation Rebel Lite Micro SimCard 5.0 & 5.0.1 with Original Modem Basebands

CODE: iPhone 4 & 4S Rebel Lite Micro

rebel-xpress-iphone-4S-microsim iPhone 4 & 4S Unlock & Activation Rebel Xpress Micro SimCard iOS 5.1 with Original Modem Basebands

CODE: iPhone 4 & 4S Rebel Xpress Micro

rebel-pro-iphone-4S-microsim iPhone 4 & 4S Unlock & Activation Rebel Pro Micro SimCard 4/4S GSM 5.1 & 4S CDMA 5.0.1 with Original Modem Basebands

CODE: iPhone 4 &4S Rebel Pro Micro


Which Version of the iOS firmware & modem Does the iPhone 4 & 4s Rebel Lite Micro Sim Support ?

Which Version of the iOS firmware & modem Baseband Does the iPhone 4S Rebel Xpress Micro Sim ?

Works on all current versions of iPhone 4/4S latest iOS and modem firmware basebands

Which Version of the iOS firmware & modem Baseband Does the iPhone 4/4S Rebel Pro Micro Sim ?

Works on all current versions of iPhone 4S GSM latest iOS and modem firmware basebands Plus Unlock CDMA iPhone 4S* up to 5.0.1 iOS   Requires Jailbreak for CDMA iPhone 4S Model Unlocking but not for GSM iPhone 4S Model


APN Changer for iPhone






Review: 2Phone Dual SIM Case for iPhone 4


The 2Phone case for the iPhone 4 is a 3-in-1 case.  It is A) a case, B) a dual-SIM adapter, which allows you to use two SIM cards for voice at the same time, and C) an extended battery(ish..).  The team at RebelSim sent me one to review so read on to find out more about it:


Video Review:

Video review of the 2Phone 3-in-1 iPhone 4 case


As a case:

The 2Phone as a case offers full scratch protection for everything except the front screen; for front screen protection, you’ll want to pair this with a screen protector.



The inside of the case (the part that the rear glass touches) is a slightly textured plastic that protects the entire backside of the iPhone: 


The bumper that covers the sides is a relatively thin, translucent plastic that covers everything else except the front glass.  It comes in a few different colors, but it only comes with this “smoke” colored one (and I can’t seem to find a way to get/order other colors), but I personally like the color well enough: 
plastic bumper

The bumper completely covers the volume and power buttons and unfortunately it makes it a bit annoying to change the volume. I find that I have to either press hard, or use my thumbnail, to actually get the volume buttons to press in (as opposed to being able to just lightly use the “pad” of my thumb).  Also, it prevents you from easily using your thumb to flip the vibrate switch – I now have to use either my thumb/index fingernail: 
volume and vibrate


All of the port “cut outs” line up perfectly, such as the headset jack and camera: 
headset jackcamera


What’s also nice is that it gets rid of the proprietary Apple port and replaces it with a micro usb port (which is used for charging AND syncing with your computer/iTunes): 


The case is very light and when compared with the weight of the iPhone 4, I really can’t tell a weight difference when using it.  However, the case does add a bit of thickness to the phone – it almost (not quite) doubles it’s thickness, but at least it’s curved on the edges, so it’s not like you would be carrying around a brick:



As an extended battery / second SIM card:

The part that sets this case apart from all other cases I’ve seen is the fact that it lets you use a 2nd SIM card at the same time as the iPhone’s SIM card;  You don’t have to switch between two SIM cards like other dual-SIM solutions.


The case is essentially a second phone that you are attaching to the iPhone, except instead of having it’s own screen, you use a jailbroken iPhone app to use it.   The 2Phone case is powered by it’s own 800mAh battery and not the iPhone 4: 


This battery can also act as an extended battery to charge the iPhone 4 as well, however, it must have a remaining capacity of at least 50%. If it has less than 50%, it will not charge the iPhone as the case will reserve the remaining 50% to use for powering the case.   With a full charge of the 2Phone battery, I have been able to charge the iPhone about 20% before the 2Phone battery reaches 50% and stops charging the iPhone.  It’s not much, but think of it more as a bonus feature than anything else – in other words, don’t buy it to rely on as a backup power source.


The 2Phone is quad band 850/900/1800/1900 and unlocked, so it should work with any SIM you end up pairing it with.  It takes regular size SIM cards so you’ll need to use a microsim-to-regular SIM adapter if you end up using it with a microsim:



As mentioned earlier, in order to utilize the 2Phone’s SIM card, you need to install their 2Phone app which requires your iPhone to be jailbroken.  Luckily, at least at the time of this posting with 4.3.3 being the latest iOS, I believe all iOS versions are easily jailbreakable.   To get the 2Phone app, open up Cydia and add the 2Phone source ( and then install the only app within that repository which is 2Phone. (Jailbreaking is bit out of the scope of this review, but feel free to comment below if you have any questions about doing so)  .

2phone app


The app itself is very similar to the built in Phone app on the iPhone.  The iPhone Phone app has options for Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and Voicemail whereas the 2Phone has Settings, Recents, Message, Contacts, and Keypad: 
iphone vs 2phone

(on a side note…I find it interesting that on my UK iPhone, they spelled it “Favorites” and not “Favourites”)


There are a few different setting options you can change such as the ring volume and tone, text message tone, the phone number to use for voicemail, as well as setting/inputting the SIM pin.  As far as Ringtones, you are able to use the single 2Phone created ringtone, or any of the built in iPhone ringtones:

2phone settings2phone iphone ringtones


To place a call with either SIM card, you simply use the appropriate app (the default phone app for the iPhone SIM or the 2Phone app for the 2Phone SIM).  When you receive a call from the 2Phone SIM, you’ll get what looks like a notification popup which will then open up the 2Phone app to accept that call:

2phone incoming call


One thing that does bug me a bit is the fact that the audio quality of the speaker phone when using the 2Phone isn’t that great.  The audio is rather scratchy and not nearly as loud as when using the iPhone speaker phone.  Again, it’s nice to be able to use two SIM cards at once, but it’s disappointing that the speakerphone doesn’t perform well with the 2Phone.


Wrap up:

If what you are looking for is the ability to have two SIM cards active at the same time, then this is the case for you (plus, it gives you great scratch protection and a small extended battery).  However, don’t buy it thinking you will be getting a big boost in call time (remember, it’ll only charge the iPhone if the 2Phone has 50% or greater battery left).  That being said, it works great for adding an extra line to your iPhone.  I would prefer it being a bit cheaper though, as at £130/$210, it’s the cost of a low end Android phone.  But if you are currently having to carry around two phones to have two separate numbers (such as a work and personal phone), it would probably be worth it to ditch one of them!


  • Lets you use 2 SIM cards at the same time
  • Light weight, scratch protection case
  • Looks sleek
  • Adds a micro usb port (instead of an Apple port)



  • The battery doesn’t provide much extended battery for the iPhone
  • The bumper covers the vibrate switch causing it to require extra effort to switch it


No Other Unlock Simcard in the World can Work in this way.

The Video shows Auto Detection of Network after using Air plane mode On/Off and also after power off. The signal is Solid and Can be seen clearly and thier no need to dial 112 after using air plane mode or power off.

Rebel Micro SimCard

Rebel Pro & Lite designs of the Micro unlock Sim Card Unlocks ALL iPhone 4 baseband up to  iOS 4.3.3 without requiring you to jailbreak your device

The Rebel Micro unlock Simcard is specialy Designed for the iPhone 4 and is able to by pass the network lock that restricts you from using other networks simcards.

  • No more using your phone as only an ipod
  • No need to use any cables or softwares
  • No need to load any kind of software
  • Supports Latest iPhone 4 OS 4.1 4.2 4.3.3
  • Fully Upgradable Hardware
  • Easy Unlock Solution for iPhone 4

2 Designs to use to unlock your iPhone 4

Rebel Pro Micro Sim Card is supplied with its own custom iPhone 4 Sim tray so the IC stays inside the iPhone 4 and is our Flagship Product.

Rebel Lite Micro Sim Card does not require a special iPhone Sim tray and the IC is located on the outside of the iPhone 4 when installed and is designed for Budget users.


Now Users can Download the iphone 2G/3G/3GS Software Based unlock for 3.0 OS.

If you already have joined simply login to download.

Or if you are still looking to get your iphone  unlocked then For immediate Access please use this link below to Purchase

All thats needed is a USB cable you have that you use to sync and connect to itunes with & the Software Package.

Also the Free Coupon code Offer Apples to This Download Package.

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Please allow 10 to 40 Days for your Unique Coupon Code to be emailed.

How the Free Coupon Code option works.

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Releasing very soon a software to unlock your iPhone 3GS through cable which can fully unlock all iPhone 3GS models regardless of bootloader version for any network worldwide.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE  will be provided with lifetime membership to downloads section for new updates. Unique password and username.

This Solution does not Require a Rebel Simcard and is Software Based and the software download link will be sent after payment with lifetime password and username to download new software updates for iphone 3GS Cable based unlocking software.

All Users Who Buy Any iphone 3GS/3G 3.0 OS Software  will be Emailed  a FREE  Coupon Code to use agianst another product or service on the website after 10 Days from when order is Paid for. All customers who have purchased Already Automatically Qualify for this Offer.


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Some Delay with the Development and Release Date.

Please Note  iPhone 3GS  & iPhone 3.0 OS Unlock Orders are not for immediate Shipping

As of Yet their is no confirmed Date But a Solution is in the Pipeline.

The Current hack we found is not stable enough for release yet and will need more work to implement fully as the security has never been higher since the release of the 3.0 OS.

Our Engineering Team is Working Flat out to make the solution as quick as Possible for you for release.

Thanks For your patience

Rebel Simcard Team

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Today the Rebel Simcard Team got thier hands on the new iPhone 3G S model. The software and baseband is the same as the 3.0 OS launched for the iPhone 3G model.

The firmware isn’t out yet for the 3GS or 3.0 OS for iPhone 3G for the Rebel Simcard.

From our testing so far, we have found out that Apple have changed the simgate in the new iPhone 3G S, So it will no longer physically accept any No Cut Unlock simcard. So do not try to force it in as will get stuck.

Rebel are designing a new No Cut version of the Rebel of the Simcard, This will be released as soon as possible.

Still the good news is the current universal Rebel cut sim can still be used to insert it along with a network simcard.

The Rebel Simcard R&D Team are working on the unlocking solution for the iPhone 3G S model and iPhone 3.0 Firmware.

This Blog article is about new and emerging phone models and software versions and will give an insight to users on how the rebel simcard Team create unlock solutions.

Lets Take for example the new iphone 3G 3.0 OS and the iphone 3GS model due for release very soon this month. This will be a real challenge and we shall see which company can produce the World First Solution for unlocking.

The Rebel simcard Team invest very heavilty in R&D and is the reason behind the success of Rebel Simcard. Back in January the Rebel Simcard Launched the Worlds First Reverse Engineering Tool for Scanning Hex Data used to Create unlock Solutions for Rebel Simcard for all the Beta Testers/Resellers and for Students of Smart Card Technology worldwide.

The Tool comes with 4 FPCB (flexible Printed Curcuit Board) connections that can fit in to virtually any mobile phone in the world. This way once the setup has been made its possible to then plug the network simcard in the hex scanner and thus capture all data communications that are exchanged by the mobile phone and simcard.

This is a tool kit to help scan network simcards so we can add support to the rebel sim for new network simcards and new iphone firmwares and models that come out and continue to dominate the mobile phone simcard unlocking technology Industry.

This shows how serious we take our leadership of the simcard unlocking Field.

Also this toolkit can be used by the enginners of tomorrow to learn about APDU’s and scanning methods.

As the rebel sim card Team has distributed over 800 Hex scanners worldwide. This is the only reason rebel simcard is and will always have Worldwide Compatiblity as Rebel simcard is tested on mobile networks all over the world and data is collected and new improvemnts are made all the time as we can obtian realtime data and feedback from our beta testig Team.

The Other Real Benefit of being a Rebel simcard user is the ability for users to apply the updates in the comfort of thier home and when new updates and releases are created by us then simply users need to use a PC and the Update Software we provide with the Rebel Simcard Programmers.

This is of great benefit as rebel simcard users do not need to keep on purchasing new rebel simcards with new firmwares and then have to wait for delivery of the products each time apple release a new firmware. As the Rebel simcard Clients are Based worldwide this can save alot of money on Postage fees and avoid additional delays in using the Latest Technology from us.

The Rebel Simcard Team have always Delivered World First Solutions and we are very committed and focussed at the  moment on bringing  the world the First unlock solution for the iphone 3.0 OS and iphone 3G model.

IF  you have a mobile phone where no unlock is possible and you would like to work with us to make the solutions possible then kit is the way forward and by sending us hex scans made using the scanner we can look in to this without having to send the phone to us.

If you are interested in scanning new phone models and firmwares of phones and wish to provide the scan data to the rebel simcard team then this Kit is Designed Especially for you. At the same time you can learn more about smarcards and how they communicate with the mobile phones and extend your knowledge and have chance to Win a Trip to to the UK HQ of rebel simcard and recieve extra training on Creating new Unlock Solutions using smartcard technology.

Kit Includes

1 Hex Scanner Kit

1 Rebel Compact Programmer

1 Usb Cable

1 Dummy Sim Adapter

1 Rebel Sim No Cut sim

2 Rebel Cut sims

1 Rebel sim cutter

Price per Unit (piece): £40.00
US $65.80


News about Rebel Simcard supporting unlock for the new Iphone 3GS Model and iphone 3G 3.0 OS

Lots of users enquire about the unlocking for the 3.0 OS firmware and how to Do this and if and when it will be supported.

As you are all aware the rebel simcard has been the First Choice for unlocking the iphone 3G since  the iphone 3G was released last year.

The Rebel Simcard Team consists of the Highly Experienced and skilled Team Members who have worked in the R&D and mobile phone industry for Decades. The Rebel Simcard Team has Beta Testers in over 120 Countries that test rebel simcard firmwares releases  on all thier networks in thier countries and then send us feedback.

The Rebel Simcard is not a bedroom project and we react fast to the market always as can be seen from our history of Free updates to our users worldwide.

Natrually as soon as iphone 3.0 OS for iphone 3g users and the new iphone 3GS model thats releasing 18 June  is released we will do out best to create an update for all current users to update thier rebel simcards.

All users are advised not to update t0 3.0 OS untill  we Release more info after testing.