You would think we should all be walking into our automated homes and speaking “lights-on” and “TV-on” commands by now. We feel the time has come where the HALX home automation Team has made significant progress over the last few years in the development of a mass market Ethernet based universal remote control for a ever expanding range of IR & RF protocols.

Home automation ranges from controlling lights, security systems, cameras, window blinds and irrigation to streaming audio/video throughout a house. The best way to describe home automation is through examples, and there will be step by step examples posted on the blog and forum on how you can make HALX do all kinds of tricks.

What is HALX ?

HALX is a Embedded Home Automation Controller which has an integrated Web Server & can be used as a software based Remote Control for Infra Red and Radio frequency applications.

HALX makes Home Automation so much simpler. You can connect to HALX from the browser of your mobile phone and be presented with Halx web pages that are delivered by its built in Web Server. With the press of a few buttons will be able to Control your IR & RF gadgets via software based controls from your smart phones.

Halx can Communicate with your devices using RF & IR technology. There are many different types of RF/IR controlled products on the marketplace. RF/IR technology is tried and tested and has been in use for many years.

Halx you can help shelve your RF/IR remote controls as these have been replaced by your mobile devices or desktop PCs. So no more looking for that RF remote control, now you can control your RF products from any internet enabled device ranging to mobile phones and games consoles and PC/Tablets.

HALX is a very powerful control system as we will demonstrate in the upcoming blogs with tutorials and video demonstrations showing you how its possible to control IR & RF Based products in to Software based controls so you have your own custom master control system for your home.

The RF sockets are controllable using your Normal RF Remote Controls that come with the Package from each Vendor.

Now you can simplify you life and make software based remote control button that can be accessed over you LAN by any internet enabled device like an iPhone or Tablet and operate the buttons via touch screen interfaces & be able to able to control different branded RF Sockets from one interface with Labels for your Controllable Devices.

Below is an example of a demo web page that comes pre loaded with the examples to help you design your own unique remote control Interfaces.

Simply Enable your RF sockets to programming mode and press the on button on the interface to pair with HALX.

Within Seconds you are are able to now control your RF based Sockets via the Network through the HALX interface.

Control Multiple Branded Products from one Master Software based Control Panel that can be accessed over the IP network via mulitple users.

RF Transmit option as above you also can send out IR commands.

IR Transmitter functions can be used to allow you to send a URL to HALX to replay an IR command via the rear IR OUT Blaster port with optional IR Blaster Cables & also over RF so you can use RF to IR infra red remote control extender system.

Another way to send out the IR signal is to use an RF to IR Extender kit.

Powermid Mini Infra Red Extender Kit for Infra Red Remote Controls

You are able to make buttons for commands we publish for IR Remotes commands that have been pre scanned in to URL’s for you using the HALX Ultimate Model.

IR Decoder allows you to point your Infra Red Remote control towards the front of HALX and HALX allows your to decode the Infra red command in to a URL.

The URL can be used to replay via HTTP command if you have purchased the Optional  HALX IR Blaster Function.

Within Minutes you can create the URL required to be replayed on your IR Remotes. Then you can create a custom web page inside halx to allow you to control multiple brands of devices from one interface page.

Simply use the URL decoded inside your html code to make a network enabled IR button.

This function is advised for system intergrators and Developers.

RF Decoder allows you to point your RF  Remote control towards HALX &  allows your to decode the RF command in to a URL.

The URL can be used to replayed via HTTP command.

Within Minutes you can create the URL required to be replayed on your RF Remotes. Then you can create a custom web page inside halx to allow you to control multiple brands of devices from one interface page.

Example Pre supplied Interface that can be paired with RF products as standard.

If you wish to use the unique codes assigned to your RF products that you aready posses and have been paired with Rf sockets or obtian the codes in your RF remote to your HALX interface with the RF Decode Function.

RF Remote controller Sockets UK & EU In Stock

Imagine Halx as you Universal remote control and more.

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