Rebel XTC Clip windows 7 Free Update that needs new Y cable now in stock

Supported Models

  • HTC HD7 (Schubert)
  • HTC HD (Mozart)

New Features

New features with Rebel XTC clip versions 1.2.5 or higher:

  • You can remove the simlock of your HTC windows phone 7 (requires HD7 unlocking kit)
  • You can remove user lock of your HTC windows phone 7 (requires HD7 unlocking kit)
  • You can debrand your HTC windows phone 7 (requires HD7 unlocking kit)

Package Contents

  • 1 X HD7 Unlocking Kit
  • 1 X Micro SD Card 1GB

Rebel XTC Clip Windows 7 USB Y Cable
Rebel XTC Clip Windows 7 USB Y Cable

Rebel XTC Clip News

How to Use the Rebel XTC Clip User Manual V1

Unlock All hTC Android Phones in 1minute, No Need codes, No need logs, No need credit

No need IMEI, Unlock all hTC Android factory Unlock on the GO

Example shows how to unlock HTC Desire (Bravo)

Step A Create a Gold Card with Unlock Feature.


1 Insert a MicroSD/TFlash Card in to yourRebel XTC Clip

2 Plug your clip in the Pc usb cable and wait for the software to auto Load & Start itself.

3 First Step is to Generate a Gold Card.

Please See the Process of   gold Card Creation using Rebel XTC Clip in the Video Demo or

Follow the Steps Below to create the gold Card.

From the System Option select HTC Android

Select the Model of phone you wish to Network Unlock/CID unlock/User code Reset

After Selecting the HTC Desire/Bravo you will see under Version option where you can find the diffrent bootloaders options.

Select HBOOT version of the HTC Desire/Bravo once you Select the Phone Model.

Before unlocking Android HTC Phones please check your Boot Loader version and make sure you use only the gold card created for the phone with corresponding boot Loader.

How to check bootloader version of HTC Desire ?

Switch off the device. Keep Hold of the Volume Down Button & Press Power ON  button.

You should be able to see the text ‘HBOOT’, and a version number besides it.

This number is the bootloader version HBOOT-0.93.0001


Select the Boot loader Version from the List 0.93.001

You can see now all the correct settings.

Make your Micro SD Card is already inserted in to the Rebel XTC Clip.

Now We are ready to make the gold Card for the correct Version of the Boot and Model of Phone

Press Create Goldcard

The Screen will change to show that a goldcard is being Created.

When the Gold card is ready you will see a pop up showing the contents of the folder.

Screen Will show Gold Card is generated succesfully.

Step B Unlock Phone – (SimLock, Super CID, Security Unlock / S-OFF)

1 Insert the flex PCB Virtual Dummy Sim Adapter in to the Sim gate of the HTC Desire/Bravo Android phone

you are Servicing and in to the rebel XTC clip connector you can see protruding from the side of the clip.

2  Insert the Gold Card you Generated from Step A in the HTC Desire/Bravo


3 Attach the battery to the phone.

4 Attach Battery or USB Cable to the PC/Laptop  to power up the Rebel XTC Clip.

5 Keep Hold of the Volume Button & Press Power ON  button to enter Boot Loader Mode

. unlock_all_htc_android_phones_using_rebel-xtc-clip_facotry_card_emulator_fully_upgradable_clip-19

6 You will see the Boot loader mode and after 10 seconds the unlock software will start

If you watch the Screen you will see the update in progress message.

Then the screen will go blank for 1 second till Diag Mode Starts.

7 Select Diag by Pressing the Action Button in the Centre as shown in the image.

8 Next Press the Action Button when you see Screen showing options to start “Clear s58 Data”

9 Press Power Button to confirm and you will the Message Below & the Phone Will Be Unlocked

If You Get this Error Message at this Stage AT-CMD Time Out then

Recheck the connection of the virtual dummy sim FPCB adapter and replace battery in phone and power on clip and try again.

Rebel XTC Clip FAQ


How many phones can i unlock with the Rebel XTC Clip ?

Thier is No Limit Set and you can currently unlock any Android based HTC Phones Right now

How Many Gold Cards Can i Generate using using a PC & the Rebel XTC Clip ?

You can make as many as you like and the 100 Counter Limit resets Itself back to once you use all.

Do i need to Generate a Goldcard every time a want to unlock a phone ?

For each phone model and boot version thier is a special Goldcard needed.

You have the option of making a Gold Card each time you need one using the PC

However you can reuse a GoldCard thats been already Generated for a Model/Boot type.

This Way the Rebel XTC Clip can work in Standalone mode and you dont need a PC.

If you have pre stored and generateda Gold Cards created for the supported models & boots

then you dont need to generate a Gold Card on the fly to unlock.

How can i power on the Rebel XTC Clip ?

You can use a Battery with the Supplied Adapter or connect to the PC.

How Can i update the Rebel XTC Clip ?

This is done with the application when you run it in the top left had corner.

Is the Clip Standalone solution and works without a PC ?

Always you need Goldcard so if you have already created then no need to create agian

for the phone/boot model and you dont need to use the PC and can use battery to power the clip.

Do we need to buy Logs or Credits on a Server with this solution ?

No this solution DOES NOT needs servers with credits or logs that need to purchased for each unlock and is unlimited.

Does the Rebel XTC Clip have a Smart Card in the Clip ?

No you cant find a smartcard on the clip.

Can the Rebel XTC clip Emulate functions of HTC Factory Cards also known as Whitecard or Mega Card ?

Yes this is the exact function of the Rebel XTC Clip with added Bonus features

Create Gold Cards in Seconds With correct files needed.

Fully Remotely Upgradeable Automatically.

Much more Econimical Price

Is the Rebel XTC clip going to Support other model from HTC ?

Yes more info coming soon

List of Models supported.

HTC (Android Phones)

HTC Dream (A71XX)

HTC Sapphire (A61XX, Magic)

HTC Hero (A62XX)

HTC Hero (Droid Eris)

HTC Click (A3232, Tattoo)

HTC Bravo (A8181, Desire)

HTC Glacier (myTouch 4G, myTouch HD)

HTC Legend (A6363)

HTC Incredible (Droid Incredible)

HTC Espresso (MyTouch 3G Slide)

HTC Supersonic (A9292, Evo 4G)

HTC Buzz (A3333, Wildfire)

HTC Liberty (A6366, Aria)

HTC Ace (Desire HD)

HTC Desire Z (Desire Z)

HTC Gratia (A6380, Gratia)

G1 Google

Notes to remember

Always Check your bootloader version

Power off the Rebel XTC clip and re power on after each unlock

Video Demo of how to Use Rebel XTC Clip

How to Make a Gold Card with the Supplied Software with the Rebel XTC Clip

Rebel_xtc_clip User Manual Download