SIM Application Toolkit (commonly referred to as STK) is a standard of the GSM/UMTS/CDMA system which enables the SIM to initiate actions which can be used for various value added services.

The SIM Application Toolkit consists of a set of commands programmed into the SIM card which define how the SIM should interact directly with the outside world and initiates commands independently of the handset and the network.

This enables the SIM to build up an interactive exchange between a network application and the end user and access or control access to the network.

The SIM also gives commands to the handset, such as display menu and ask for user input.

To Sum up the STK is an Application that resides on a network sim. Through this STK the network operator add some Extra functions by providing a Menu within a mobile phone to supply services.

As their are 1000’s of mobile phones and 100’s of Brands we want to give you the power to change the way Rebel simcard works by changing its mode from a Menu within the Phone.This way you can have the power to increase the number of phones rebel simcard can Unlock without the need to Use a PC and software or Card Readers to configure or program its settings each time.

This is a very powerfull Menu and if you have a phone that is not compatiable with the Default Mode for unlocking then you can change the mode of rebel sim from within the phone to another one thats compatiable with your mobile.

On the Downloads Page We have a List of the Firmwares for Rebel Sims. Next to each firmware is a YES or No to indicate if the firmware has the Rebel STK Menu. The Rebel STK can be used to control the mode you want to use rebel sim to unlock your mobile.

How Can the Rebel STK Menu be used and why do i need it ?

The Rebel Simcard STK Menu is a menu that appears within the mobile phone and can be Accessed to make configuration changes for unlocking presets that are already prestored in the Rebel Sim so you dont have to program the rebel sim using a card reader if you happen to change phone models or choose to use phone from a different Brand and want to reconfigure the Rebel Simcard then you would need to use it.

Another use of the STK menu can be found in the rebel simcard II using the Call control firmwares v2 or v3.

Here the STK menu is used by the user to enter the access number for a Calling card service and Pin number. Also other config changes can be made by selecting the Rules menu option to select the Rule to use.

To load the STK applications to a network simcard you need some keys. There are 3 OTA keys available for a SIM Card (KID, KIC, KIK). So firstly you have to know these keys (In the most cases the KID key is enough for loading).

However We can supply custom applications for STK for your unique requirements without the KID, KIC, KIK keys.

Normally only the network simcard operator can supply special STK functions for their simcard. However the Rebel Simcard Technology when installed with a network simcard can overtake the network simcard default STK and replace with our own Menu and functions. Email us for more info.

Whats the Rebel Sim II v2 and v3 firmwares used for ?

The Rebel sim II Call Control V2 & v3 Firmwares allow you to use a Rebel sim II as a Least Cost Routing System that automates the Process of Dialling when using 2 types of technologies. Call Through using Call Back.

Q Whats the Meaning of Call control by sim.

A Call setup attempts will result in the telephone numbers dialled being sent first to the Rebel SIM card. The Rebel SIM card can then decide whether to allow those actions to be carried out or to perform another action instead that can you have pre programmed.

Using the Rebel Sim II you can set up rules that perform a particular action when you dial a number that starts  with 00. International call are often very expensive from mobiles and to reduce these cost using Call control is done when ever you dial an international number starting 00 is dialled then the Rebel Sim II stops a Direct call being made from your mobile phone and is rerouted via a cheaper Voip/Calling Card service.

Whats the Meaning of Call Through and Voip/Calling card Gateway

We all don’t like it when have to pay through the roof for anything. Calling Cards and VOIP systems are much cheaper to use when calling international numbers. 80% of calling cards use the Call Through method to offer cheaper calling services.

Calling cards for Call through can be purchased worldwide as the industry is huge and available for 70% of countries.

Call through Works by  you the calling card user first Calling a Local access number and then you call through this number by sending the DTMF of the number you want to call.

Say now we have purchased a calling card to use and this calling card comes with 2 numbers that we would need to use each time to use the service.

Calling Card Access number This is a Local Landline Number & is the number thats called when you want access the cheaper rates.

Calling card Pin number The Pin is used to authenticate yourself as a valid calling card user to the calling card service.

If you dont use Rebel Sim II to Automate this process users would normally follow the following steps to make a call via calling card from mobile phones using Call through..

  1. Call Access Number
  2. Enter Pin Number
  3. Enter the Number you want to call

Now this can get complicated as users would need to either memorise the number they want to call or make a note of the number on a paper pad and also carry the calling card around with them for each time they want to use the cheaper calling service.

Using the Rebel Sim II V2 & v2.1 the calling process can be simplified and automated via the STK where the access number and pin can be populated once. Then the calling process Experience for the end user becomes like a Direct Dialled call as all the process is automated by the Rebel Sim II.

Soon as a user dials a number that starts with 00 then Rebel Sim II will automatically call the  pre stored Calling card access number and then when the call is answered and the calling card server asks for the Pin then Rebel sim II sends the DTMF for this and then sends the number you dialled so call is connected without users needing to change their dialling habit.

Whats the Meaning of Callback

Call Back is another Telecoms Least cost routing system that can be used to Least cost route calls.

A callback in this sense is a method of making low cost international calls via a third country, usually the US or UK where call charges are considerably lower.

In order to use a callback service to trigger a return call a unique number DDI/DID Access Number must first be dialled which never answers the incoming call and simply supplies a busy signal so that call is ended . From your Caller ID (CLI) the system checks to see if you have funds before it calls you back.

Now the Callback Server calls you back and when you answer you have dial tone and can dial your number and be connected.

Through the use of the Rebel Sim II v3 firmware this process can be fully automated so you can simply dial the international number and the Rebel will Automatically call instead the Callback Access Number and End the Call.

Now the Callback Server calls you back and simply answer the call and the Rebel Sim will send the DTMF tones of the number you dialled in the first place to connect you call.


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