Now You Can Post you iphone 3G to us and we can Perform the Unlock for You and Send back via Express Shipping.

We can Upgrade and Unlock for you if your a v2.2.1 User or you can send us an already updated phone to 3.0 OS to unlock.

Please see full details on the offer here

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Enhancements for 3G based Networks and Simcards with faster Login  time from 2g to 3g and 3g to 2G. This Firmware has had great feedback from all over the world Especially Europe.

Rebel Firmware Updates


Rebel Simcard Versions Description Rebel Menu Date Download
Rebel Simcard update V72 3G improved with ability to go from 2g to 3g and 3g to 2g much faster for iphone 3G 2.2.1 users with enhancments for all 3G network simcards No 18 June 2009 Download

v73  Update for 3G Network Simcards added to beta downloads section.

Rebel Beta Testing Network

Updates Rebel Simcard update V73 Support for iPhone 3G firmware2.2.1
– Support for iPhone Modem firmware02.30.03

Support for iPhone firmware 2.2

- Support for iPhone Modem firmware 02.28

3G improved with ability to go from 2g to 3g and 3g to 2g much faster for iphone 3G 2.2.1 users with enhancments for all 3G network simcards

No 14 June 2009 in Beta Stage and Download only by Beta Testing Members Download
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iPhone users are richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones, according to a new study released Friday.

The study ($750 fee) from independent market analysis company Forrester Research suggests iPhone users comprise the elite upper class of smartphone customers. The data was compiled from 32,228 working U.S. adults in 2008. It found that those who own an iPhone are typically more active on their phones and more connected to the internet than those who fell into generic “smartphone” or “mobile phone” categories.”

The study, compiled by Ted Schadler, found that iPhone users are “more than twice as likely to access the Internet from their phone as working BlackBerry, Palm, or Windows Mobile device owners.” The research was inspired by anecdotal comments from companies such as Kraft Foods and Oracle that implied employees have a personal drive to use an iPhone at work, even when one is not provided by the employer.

The research suggests that an employee with an iPhone could be more productive: Those who carry Apple’s handheld device are more likely to stay connected to their employer’s network. Workers with an iPhone also usually leave their laptop at work, suggesting the phone essentially replaces the need for a traditional full-form mobile computer.

When comparing customer Internet usage, the study shows that the iPhone blows away its competitors. 78 percent of iPhone users reported they access the Internet at least weekly on their phone, while only 38 percent of the rest of the smartphone market were on the mobile Web that often.

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News about Rebel Simcard supporting unlock for the new Iphone 3GS Model and iphone 3G 3.0 OS

Lots of users enquire about the unlocking for the 3.0 OS firmware and how to Do this and if and when it will be supported.

As you are all aware the rebel simcard has been the First Choice for unlocking the iphone 3G since  the iphone 3G was released last year.

The Rebel Simcard Team consists of the Highly Experienced and skilled Team Members who have worked in the R&D and mobile phone industry for Decades. The Rebel Simcard Team has Beta Testers in over 120 Countries that test rebel simcard firmwares releases  on all thier networks in thier countries and then send us feedback.

The Rebel Simcard is not a bedroom project and we react fast to the market always as can be seen from our history of Free updates to our users worldwide.

Natrually as soon as iphone 3.0 OS for iphone 3g users and the new iphone 3GS model thats releasing 18 June  is released we will do out best to create an update for all current users to update thier rebel simcards.

All users are advised not to update t0 3.0 OS untill  we Release more info after testing.

Three Network Video Showing Rebel simcard v72 Beta Firmware in action


Rebel Firmware Updates

Rebel Simcard Versions Description Rebel Menu Date Download
Latest Version iPhone 3G Software V71 Network Renew and Sequences Improved for more network simcards wordlwide for iphone 3G

Obatian Network Faster

Only Upgrade if your network sim is not supported for network renewal in v61

No 12 June 2009 Download

The Release of the V72 Rebel simcard enhances support for the THREE  As well as 3G Simcards worldwide.

Currently no other unlocking simcard for iphone 3G offers supports for 3G or THREE network users worldwide.

The rebel simcard v61 for the iphone 3g 2.2.1  supports the THREE and 3G networks simcard but now the v72 adds much more support by allowing users to go up and down from 2G to 3G and vice versa  for more network providers worldwide.

For roaming also v72 is  much improved and can find network faster when on holidays.

All Your Feedback from all over the world is much appreciated.

Latest Feedback For V72

Spain Sweden Netherlands UK Germany Singapore France Ireland reported improvemnts in logging in to 3G for UMTS Based Simcards.

Rebel Simcard Development Team


I seen  a nice little offer open to UK residents which allows you to purchase a ZTE 627 3G Data modem for only £5 when you use a coupon code. The coupon code is free when you register on the site and is worth £30. The Modem will come locked to the UK Three network but you can easily unlock this from home.

Once you Recieve your ZTE 627 3G from the Three network you can unlock it so can use any network provider simcard for only £5

 The software has unlimited unlocking of the  ZTE 627 3G Modems and you can unlock as many as you like.

Use this link below to buy and recieve an instant download after payment and very easy to use with detialed intructions.


If you have a 3G Dongle Made by then please use this unlock service here where you can unlock any model of the Huawei 3G dongles. This service can very easy to use and just need to supply the IMEI and make payment to recieve the unlock code within 24  Hours and intructions on how to enter the code to unlock the 3g dongle from huawei.