Come Join in the Fun at the Gadget Show Live and check out our stand so you to can join in the action. We are to demonstrate the most advanced home automationsystem to be ever created that is affordable for everyone.

Yes that may sound like a big Statement to live up but in fact we Solutions Point Limitedhave a history of creating Gadgets and Gizmos that’s always one step ahead of the Game.


Our attention is now focused on home automation systems amd we have been working on the HALX project for nearly 12 months now & HALX has matured now and is ready to be showcased to the world  LIVE at the Gadget show 2011 at the NEC Centre Birmingham UK.

If you like to make history then come join and see and feel for yourself the Power of HALX and how much easier it can make your life.

HALX is a Home Automation Controller that allows control of RF and IR based products through its innovative built in Web server. This means HALX can allow you to control RF and IR based products from any web browser locally and also remotely through the use of its built in Dynamic DNS services.

Control RF & IR based products around your home or business. You can soon have the power to convert all your RF and IR appliances around the home in to HTTP commands.

Though the use of HTTP as its base HALX is able to allow you to take control of virtually any device remotely using any browser or apps, be it a pc or mobile phone ,tablet device,games console etc.

You can also create a  unique interface to control your products in your home if you have basic HTML skills,and through the use of other free tools you can also make an iPad/iPhone/Android graphical user interfaces that are customized for your requirements without the need to know about HTML using on-line interface creations tools like Open Remote.

See you at the Gadget Show