Many users email us about the unlock for the 3.0 Firmware of the iphone 3G and iphone 3GS Model.

A Little about the Rebel Sim Histrory

As can be Seen below the Rebel Simcard Team has Delivered Free updates for users for iphone 3G and the rebel sim team have provided thier users with FREE updates since the Birth of Rebel Sim Last July the 18th

This shows the Rebel sim Team always have delivered a working solutions for it users and not long after the releases of new offcial iphone 3G firmwares either so users are able to use the new functions in the new upgrades sooner rather than later.

When the iphone 3g came out we were the first to Bring a World Class Unlock Solution to the Market.

As Apple released new firmwares  the rebel sim team always invested in thier R&D so all the worldwide rebel sim users can upgrade thier Rebel Sim in the comfort of thier own home using a rebel sim programmer.

History of iphone 3G unlock with rebel simcard

18 July, 2008

Rebel Simcard Team Launch iphone 3G v2.1 unlocking Rebel Simcard World First with the first release of rebel simcard firmware v21


Rebel Simcard Team Publish new Firmware with support for more network simcards worldwide with the release of rebel simcard firmware v29


rebel simcard firmware v33

after more feedback we released a more enhamcments and World first with Network Renewal for 2.1 iphone 3G firmware.


Rebel Simcard Team Publish new Firmware with support for more network simcards worldwide with the release of rebel simcard firmware v44.


This month iphone 2.2 software was released from apple and it was a world first by the rebel sim team to allow use of the the new 2.2 firmware for iphone 3G  using rebel simcard firmware v53 .

All users Recieved a Free rebel sim  Firmware Update to they can use the new 2.2 software.


Some new networks simcards that could not be used were supported for iphone 2.2 firmwares in the v54 rebel sim firmware


iphone 3G v2.2.1 firmware is released and the rebel simcard users are first in the world to be able to update to 2.2.1 and use rebel simcard with the iphone 3G using v55 of rebel sim firmware


This was a world first by the rebel simcard Team by providing a free update for all users of 2.2.1 iphone 3G that allowed network simcards to regenerate authentication keys within the iphone. This was great news as users may have had to take out thier network sim from the iphone and reset by placing it in a 2g phone and getting network before on the 2.2.1  iphone 2G firmware and the rebel sim Team delivered the  v57 rebel simcard firmware.

No other unlock simcards in the market could offer this function and only rebel simcard users could travel freely without worry of signal loss and haveing to reset network sim.


V61 the current Offical Release of rebel simcard was launched that enhanced the network simcards that can renew/regernate network simcard keys within the iphone 3G on the 2.2.1 firmware.

Also since the Release of the v61 firmware the rebel sim team have made other new improvements in the Beta Realeases that can be accessed by the Rebel Sim Beta Testers and much feedback has been collected and a final iphone 3G firmware for 2.2.1  is round the corner now and this will be Free all users to Update to.


The Rebel Simcard was tested with iphone 3G firmware 3.0 beta 2 and was unlocked Succesfully video here

The Rebel Sim has Made this possible for users to upgrade to higher firmwares of iphone 3G up to now and have delivered for thier users the best product in the industry that supports more network simcards and regernates keys inside the iphone so users have issues with signal loss.


Rebel Team Eradicates the  process of manually having to obtian network keys in another phone and then placing back in the iphone 3G can be quite a pain staking task and now 90 percent of rebel sim users do not need to do this.

Rebel Sim added the network renew function back in the v57  and v61 firmware  and have extended the support for renewal in v64

Rebel 3D

The Rebel Sim Team work very hard to keep on supporting its users with FREE updates that can allow then to take advange of newer phone models and firmwares from Apple.

More info coming soon about the iphone 3Gs models and the iphone 3.0 firmwares due for release very soon now.

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