The Release of the V72 Rebel simcard enhances support for the THREE  As well as 3G Simcards worldwide.

Currently no other unlocking simcard for iphone 3G offers supports for 3G or THREE network users worldwide.

The rebel simcard v61 for the iphone 3g 2.2.1  supports the THREE and 3G networks simcard but now the v72 adds much more support by allowing users to go up and down from 2G to 3G and vice versa  for more network providers worldwide.

For roaming also v72 is  much improved and can find network faster when on holidays.

All Your Feedback from all over the world is much appreciated.

Latest Feedback For V72

Spain Sweden Netherlands UK Germany Singapore France Ireland reported improvemnts in logging in to 3G for UMTS Based Simcards.

Rebel Simcard Development Team